Call for Boebert to apologize for all her misconduct or resign

Saturday, September 16, 2023
CONTACT: Sara Loflin, Executive Director at [email protected]

DENVER: Hours after ProgressNow Colorado demanded that Rep. Lauren Boebert apologize for her outrageous misconduct at Denver’s Buell Theater last Sunday, Boebert finally acknowledged after days of lying to the local and national media that she violated the Colorado Indoor Clean Air Act, endangering the health of other patrons by vaping an unknown substance and exhaling directly on her neighbors. And while Boebert apologized for falling “short of my values,” security video released by the Denver Center for the Performing Arts revealed that smoking indoors was far from Boebert’s only offense that evening.

“Everyone has the right to a night at the theater free of inappropriate disruptions and public indecency,” said ProgressNow Colorado executive director Sara Loflin. “No one in the Buell Theater consented to a sitting member of Congress smoking in their presence indoors, having the performance they paid to attend disrupted repeatedly by yelling and flash photography, and worst of all the public indecency clearly depicted in close-up examination of security footage.”

“For years, Lauren Boebert has made wedge-issue grandstands the central message for her campaign, trading on hateful rhetoric against immigrants, the LGBTQ+ community, and anyone else she could vilify for political gain,” said Loflin. “Boebert’s unrepentant hypocrisy has now come full circle, and she is now the one who appears to have committed lewd sexual acts in front of children.”

“Lauren Boebert demonstrated this week that vaping in a crowded theater is somehow crossing a line after a career of misdeeds,” said Loflin. “She is still unapologetic for fomenting an insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, persecuting LGBTQ+ people, skimming campaign funds, and leaving veterans behind. And as we speak, she is cheerleading a destructive government shutdown and threatening the future of Medicare and Social Security.”

“Lauren Boebert claims she fell ‘short of her values’ in the theater. The real problem is her values have been out of touch with the mainstream of Colorado for years. If she refuses to apologize for all of her conduct, the other option, which we’ve been calling for since January 6th, 2021, is for Boebert to resign,” said Loflin. “As Boebert’s disgraces continue to pile up, ending the charade of her political career may be the only option that makes sense.”