The demand for all Colorado Republicans to condemn Trump’s remarks follows outcry over likening enemies to “vermin”

Monday, November 13, 2023
CONTACT: Sara Loflin, Executive Director at [email protected]

DENVER: After Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump used his Veterans Day speech to attack political opponents with language that the Washington Post likened to Hitler and Mussolini, ProgressNow Colorado, the state’s largest multi-issue progressive advocacy organization, called on all Colorado Republican candidates and officeholders to condemn Trump’s remarks.

“If alarm bells weren’t already ringing about the dangers of a second Trump Presidency, they should be now, especially after Donald Trump used a speech on Veterans Day to wade into frightening hateful threats against fellow Americans,” said ProgressNow Executive Director Sara Loflin. “No Republican seeking support among mainstream Coloradans should tolerate such brazen hate speech, yet Republican candidates like Scott James and Gabe Evans running in a moderate district are silent.”

Trump spoke at a Veterans Day event on Saturday in Claremont, NH and added in his remarks that his domestic political opponents posed a greater threat to America than foreign adversaries like China, Russia, and North Korea. [“Trump calls political enemies ‘vermin,’ echoing dictators Hitler, Mussolini,” Washington Post, 11/12/2023]

“We’re all accustomed to politicians like Lauren Boebert lavishing praise on Trump while ignoring his misdeeds, but there is no excuse for all Colorado Republicans to look the other way while he threatens millions of Americans who disagree with him,” added Loflin. “The time is now to escape Donald Trump, before it’s too late.”