This morning, the respected political analysts at Cook Political Report agreed with the response we’ve received from the Republicans Against Boebert campaign: Rep. Lauren Boebert, who came within just 546 votes of losing her seat last November, is losing support from both sides of the aisle. As a result, Cook just downgraded Boebert’s 2024 race from “Leans Republican” to “toss up.” [1]

Boebert’s weakness isn’t a secret anymore. Help us finish the job.

From one end of Boebert’s vast district to the other, we’ve heard from Coloradans of all political persuasions who tell us they are sick and tired of Boebert’s antics and ready for actual leadership. Lauren Boebert has squandered the power given to her by voters on petty personal vendettas and failed attacks on her own Republican leaders. Ethics scandals and lurid exposes about Boebert’s personal morality have shocked the conscience of voters and her colleagues. Today Boebert has few friends and even less influence.

It doesn’t matter what your personal politics are. Lauren Boebert has failed us all.

The people of Southern and Western Colorado are tired of Boebert’s antics. They want someone who listens to them and delivers for the district, not someone who just wants to be famous.

That’s why ProgressNow Colorado is fighting every day to hold Boebert accountable and organize resistance in the heart of her district well before the 2024 election season begins. The Republicans Against Boebert campaign is a moment to set aside our ideological differences and take a stand for competence and basic decency from our elected officials.

Let’s keep the momentum going. Make a donation to ProgressNow Colorado now to support our accountability campaign in Colorado’s Third Congressional District.

With your help, November of 2024 will be the end of an error.


Sara Loflin, Executive Director