SIGN: Prevent Gun Violence

This weekend’s attack on the Pulse nightclub brought together the combined threats of terrorism, gun violence, and bigotry our nation faces today.

No To Indiana-Style Discrimination

Unfortunately, some Colorado legislators are fighting to pass legislation in our state similar to Indiana’s. Tell your representative that we won’t let them turn Colorado into Indiana.

Equality at last

While we congratulate our LGBT friends, neighbors, and family members on their historic victory, it's important to remember that two politicians vying to represent Colorado are on the wrong side of history--and we won't forget.

Thank you, Gov. Hickenlooper

Take a minute right now to thank Governor Hickenlooper for his leadership. It’s time for Colorado to embrace the freedom to marry for every citizen of our state, and it’s time for opponents of equality to admit they’ve lost. We’ll share your names and comments with Gov. Hickenlooper’s office and the press.

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