Evans casts vote in Colorado state House in opposition to Title X funding

Friday, March 1, 2024
CONTACT: Sara Loflin, Executive Director at
[email protected]

DENVER: ProgressNow Colorado, the state’s largest multi-issue progressive advocacy organization, applauded the Colorado House today for passing a resolution in support of full Title X funding, in addition to supporting for contraception access, family planning services, and in recognition of how the Supreme Court’s decision to repeal Roe v. Wade has harmed reproductive health care. The resolution passed without the support of state Rep. Gabe Evans (R-Fort Lupton), who is running for Congress in Colorado’s competitive Eighth Congressional District. 

“Gabe Evans may have answered ‘no-ish’ when asked whether the 2020 election was stolen, but he has consistently and unequivocally answered ‘hell no’ when it comes to reproductive rights under Roe v. Wade,” said ProgressNow executive director Sara Loflin. “Evans supported the repeal of Roe, supports banning abortion in cases of rape and incest, and has now revealed his opposition to basic rights to contraception and family planning. Colorado voters have rejected these backward assaults on reproductive rights, and the politicians who support them like Gabe Evans, repeatedly at the polls.”