In 2016, 2018, and again in 2020, Colorado sent Team Trump packing.

In 2022, it’s time to do it again. And we need your help.

American politics have been changed forever by Donald Trump’s destructive presidency, and Trump’s continuing assault on American democracy even after the violence of January 6th is one of the greatest threats to our nation we’ve ever faced. A majority of Republicans believe that Trump should still be President, and a disturbing number would support violence to “restore” Trump to the White House.

The Party of Trump overturned Roe v. Wade, and they’re not done. In just a few short years, the far right took over the U.S. Supreme Court through bad faith and treachery aided by Colorado’s former Sen. Cory Gardner. Thanks to Trump, Gardner, and the new Court, basic rights that generations of Americans have taken for granted are now in danger. Today, Colorado is a haven for equality and freedom, but now more than ever we’re only one election away from disaster.

That’s why we’ve got to get to work now to hold Team Trump Colorado accountable. With the primary election behind them, some members of Team Trump Colorado are desperately running away from Trump’s deep unpopularity in our state, while others like Rep. Lauren Boebert are unapologetic loud and proud Trump dead-enders. Each one of them has proven during the primary that they would aid and abet Trump in the future.

Joe O’Dea admits Joe Biden won the 2020 election, but he says he would support all of Trump’s judicial picks as a U.S. Senator, and is supported by Trump’s appointees like former Interior Secretary David Bernhardt. O’Dea says he is “personally pro life” and would support a range of new nationwide restrictions on abortion rights.

Heidi Ganahl refuses to say that Joe Biden won the 2020 election legitimately. Ganahl’s campaign has repeatedly sought the support of far-right Trump election conspiracy theorists like Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka. In a last-minute plea to Republican primary voters, Ganahl branded herself as “The MAGA Candidate Colorado Has Been Waiting For.”

And that’s just the beginning. On primary election night, Trump personally called Lauren Boebert to congratulate her. Ken Buck and Doug Lamborn both tried to shield Trump from accountability during his two impeachment proceedings, and Lamborn along with Boebert voted against certifying the presidential election results on January 6th. Barbara Kirkmeyer won her primary running as “the only candidate in this race who supported and campaigned for Donald Trump in the 2016 and 2020 primary and general elections.” John Kellner scoffs at Colorado’s recent moves to protect abortion rights, calling them “politics.” During his run for Lt. Governor in 2018, Lang Sias was a member of the “MAGA Trump Colorado” online group. Even Pam Anderson, Colorado’s Republican candidate for Secretary of State, was forced to appease far-right election conspiracy theorists by supporting additional unwarranted election audits.

It’s time for Colorado to unite and stop the Party of Trump once again. This is a message for progressives, moderates, and even those conservatives who are tired of the nation’s rapid slide toward political violence and the breakdown of democracy. Trump may not be on the ballot in 2022, but the power base Trump is counting on to mount a comeback is a factor in every single race.

With this challenge before us, I’m asking you to help ProgressNow Colorado with a donation to help us hold Team Trump Colorado accountable. As the state’s largest multi-issue progressive advocacy organization, there’s no better investment you can make to ensure every voter in Colorado understands the stakes in this upcoming election.

Thank you for your continuing support. We’ve been on the ground since 2003 fighting for our shared progressive values, and we’re not going anywhere. With your help, we’ll win the struggle against the Party of Trump in Colorado–and in doing so show the whole nation once again how it’s done.


Sara Loflin, Executive Director