Madness from Trump to Tancredo

In only a few months, Donald Trump has morphed from a sideshow into the greatest threat to American values in modern history. Trump’s rise to dominance as the Republican presidential frontrunner raises grave questions about that party’s core values, and threatens permanent damage to America’s moral leadership on fundamental human rights issues from immigration to religious freedom. The threat Trump poses to our nation is like nothing seen in our lifetimes.

How do we get this done?

In 1992, I watched in horror as the jury of Rodney King failed to convict the police that beat him, a black man. Even with the video, the all-white jury said that no crime was committed. At 27 years old, I felt like my world fell apart. How could the people in my generation not see this as crime? How was it possible that in 1992, as I watched Los Angeles burn, I was dealing the same disappointment my father dealt with in 1965, as he watched Watts burn.


As you probably know, President Obama signed an order in 2012 stopping deportations for many undocumented students. This was intended as a temporary measure, to be followed up by comprehensive immigration reform from Congress. Unfortunately, Republicans in Congress like Cory Gardner and Mike Coffman have refused to act--and even helped kill bipartisan immigration reform legislation that had already passed the U.S. Senate.

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