The State of the Union–coming to the watch party?

Tonight, the President will deliver this year’s State of the Union address. With President Obama now in the final two years of his Presidency, there is a lot of buzz about the agenda he’s laying out tonight--no-cost community college, expanding access to broadband internet, and tax relief for the middle class instead of the wealthiest Americans.

Got Insurance!

The open enrollment period for those health insurance marketplaces--Connect for Health Colorado is the one here in Colorado--has opened up again this year. Enrollment runs through February 15th, 2015. And we’re back with a new campaign--Got Insurance!--to highlight just a few of the many great stories of people whose lives are better off now that they’ve got insurance.

Not a myth

Despite the extreme stands of both Gardner and Beauprez on women’s health, the polls show both of them are very close in their races. Between now and Election Day, ProgressNow Colorado’s job is to make sure every voter in our state understands what’s at stake this fall, and the serious consequences of making the wrong decision.

Cory Gardner’s bad deal for women

You may have heard that Congressman Cory Gardner has supported proposals to ban birth control. Gardner recently flip-flopped on that position, but he still says he wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act--which would end the cost-free birth control millions of women now enjoy. Even after the terrible Hobby Lobby decision, Obamacare’s birth control benefit will continue to help women across America who work for companies that protect the rights of their employees.

It’s just common sense

Every person in Colorado deserves the privacy and freedom to make choices about reproductive health care without government looking over their shoulder. Every year, new attacks on women’s reproductive rights emerge in Colorado, despite the fact that Colorado is an overwhelmingly pro-choice state. It’s wrong to force anyone’s beliefs on others, but that’s what happens in Colorado year after year.

16 Days

Colorado set up it’s own health insurance exchange--Connect for Health Colorado. It has been working well for people here in our state. Which is why Colorado ranks 5th in the nation in getting people signed up for coverage on state-based exchanges.

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