Learn More About Animas River Disaster

Learn More About Animas River Disaster

Last week, a crew working for the Environmental Protection Agency to reduce pollution from abandoned mines near Silverton accidentally released a torrent of mine wastewater into a tributary of the Animas River. This polluted water flowed through the city of Durango, turning the Animas bright yellow and forcing water users along the river to shut off irrigation and drinking water. Rafting and other tourism-related businesses in the area have been devastated by the sudden loss of income at the height of the tourist season.

Up in the Air

We live in Colorado because it’s a beautiful, special place. We love our mountains. We love to be outdoors. None of that is worth much if you can’t breathe the air. Just like folks in West Virginia are struggling right now because they can’t drink their water.

Clean Wind and Solar Energy Across Colorado

An important bill to strengthen renewable energy standards and bring more renewable energy to rural Coloradans has just passed the state Senate! The bill is now in the House, and we need your help to make sure it passes. The coal industry and their partners are desperate to stop this bill, and are working overtime to pressure and misinform our legislators.