Act before it’s too late for overtime pay!

Yesterday, a federal judge in Texas “temporarily” blocked President Barack Obama’s new overtime rules, which would have given millions of the hardest-working Americans a fairer deal for the long hours they put in. Preventing the new overtime rule from taking effect means the next President avoids the blame for taking millions of dollars in earnings away from American workers who need it most.

Veto the Loan Shark Giveaway

Lobbyists for the subprime lending industry sneaked in a last-minute bill to allow huge interest rate increases on certain personal loans. The Colorado Attorney General’s office estimates that this legislation could mean increases of almost 40% to the total cost of a personal loan.

Legislature’s halfway point

After narrowly winning control of the Colorado Senate last year, the right wing is trying to pass years of pent-up bad ideas into law. Remember when the pundits said last year that the right is “no threat to abortion rights?” Already this year, we have seen three bills to prohibit or restrict abortion in Colorado.

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