URGENT: Protect civil rights in Colorado (and other ways to fight back for the week of February 12)

Last week, Colorado Republicans in the state senate launched an attack on the Colorado Civil Rights Commission. Led by some of the most notoriously anti-equality members of the Colorado legislature, Three Republicans on the powerful Joint Budget Committee voted in a bloc to halt the commission’s funding with no explanation, and certainly no precedent.

What you can do to fight back this week (September 25)

The coming week is full of opportunities to take action in support of our shared progressive values. Now that, with your help, the far-right’s campaign to repeal health reform has been defeated, Republicans in Washington are turning to massive tax cuts for the wealthy and other parts of their agenda that would hurt the middle class and the institutions we all depend on.

What you can do to fight back this week (September 11)

Late last week, a scandal erupted after the official Twitter account for the Colorado Republican Party launched a “bizarre” and vicious attack on one of the nation’s oldest and most important civil rights watchdogs. [1] With racism and hatred against LGBT Americans on the rise since Trump took office, the Southern Poverty Law Center has done the same thing they’ve done for almost 45 years: calling out the people and organizations responsible for spreading hatred.

What you can do to fight back this week (June 12)

The fight to protect the historic gains in health coverage Colorado has enjoyed in recent years is entering the critical phase. After the first attempt by Republicans under President Trump to repeal the Affordable Care Act collapsed in failure, Sen. Cory Gardner of Colorado has joined a small group of Republican Senators to craft a new health coverage repeal bill in secret.