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What you can do to fight back this week (January 22)

The shutdown crisis raging in Washington. The Colorado legislature getting down to business in Denver. A huge backlog of progressive priority legislation to pass after years of divided government in Colorado, and accountability for Republicans in Washington like Cory Gardner as they continue to enable President Trump’s destructive agenda.

What you can do to fight back this week (January 14)

The 2019 session of the Colorado legislature is underway, and the calendar is rapidly filling up with important upcoming events and opportunities for you to have an immediate impact. After last year’s historic victory for progressives in Colorado, now comes the work to make the vision articulated by our new legislative majority and Gov. Polis a reality.

What you can do to fight back this week (January 7)

I hope your holiday season was was wonderful and you enjoyed some quality time with your friends and family. The week, the new progressive Colorado legislature gets to work with a huge backlog of important legislation to consider. Tomorrow, the state’s new Governor Jared Polis will be sworn in, and then the fight is on to start making life better for Coloradans in immediate, tangible ways.

Mesa Verde National Park needs our help

When I was in the sixth grade, my Dad took me on a road trip through the Four Corners area to visit the Ancestral Puebloan cities that span the region from northwest Arizona to the San Juan Mountains of Colorado. The majesty and sophistication of these ancient cities, preserved for almost one thousand years in the canyons fringing the southern rim of the Colorado Plateau, forever changed my understanding of Native American cultures.

What you can do to fight back this week (December 3)

After this year’s historic election victory for Colorado progressives, the next steps are coming into view. After four years of gridlock and obstruction with Republicans stonewalling progress with their one-seat majority in the State Senate, in 2019 Colorado has a chance to finally create lasting solutions to the problems that have vexed our state for a generation.

The home stretch: what you can do to fight back this week (October 29)

In the last week, we’ve witnessed horrible acts of political violence and intimidation across the nation. Bombs mailed to former Presidents and other critics of Donald Trump, a racially-motivated random shooting in Kentucky, and then the unthinkable killing of 11 people attending services at a Pittsburgh synagogue this past weekend. My grandparents survived the holocaust. They told me it wasn’t a matter of “if” anti-Semitism reared its ugly head in America once again, but when. They were unfortunately right.

TIME TO VOTE and more ways to fight back this week (October 22)

After nearly two years of resistance to the disastrous takeover of the federal government by Donald Trump and his disreputable enablers in the Republican Party, the time has finally come to strike back at the polls. In 2016, we saw what happens when progressives fail to take an election seriously, and let the perfect become the enemy of the good.

RiseUp and more you can to do fight back this week (October 15)

After almost two years of organizing to fight back against President Trump and the far right from Washington, D.C. to Denver, the 2018 midterms are finally here! Mail ballots go out to Colorado voters this week, and the whole world is watching to see how our state and nation will take action to reverse the damage done by Trump and his enablers since the unthinkable happened in 2016. This is the moment we’ve been working toward.

What you can do to fight back this week (October 1)

It’s a familiar sight after almost two years of Trump: crowds of protesters in front of Sen. Cory Gardner’s office. It’s happening almost every day now, as the battle over the nomination of accused rapist Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court grinds on.

What you can do to fight back this week (September 17)

A new poll from the New York Times confirms what many of you already know: this year, Rep. Mike Coffman of Aurora is in serious trouble. [1] After years of running away from his far-right record, reality may finally be catching up with “Teflon Mike.”

What you can do to fight back this week (September 4)

I hope you had a great Labor Day Weekend—when we honor the workers and labor unions who fought for the good life we take for granted today. Labor Day is also the last break before the kickoff of the 2018 midterm election season. From now until November 6th, you’ll be hearing nonstop about the issues, candidates, and ballot measures that will plot the future course of our state and nation.

Cory Gardner, special guest on Air Force One

Yesterday was a crazy day in American politics. President Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort was found guilty of multiple felonies, and Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen named Trump as a co-conspirator in campaign finance law violations. The investigation into Trump’s campaign is getting closer to the President every day.

What you can do to fight back this week (July 23)

This past weekend, a strange political convention came to town. Democrats for Life of America (DFLA), an anti-choice organization claiming to be the “pro-life voice and wing” of the Democratic Party, hosted its inaugural conference in Denver ahead of the 2018 elections.

What you can do to fight back this week (June 25)

Last week, the Trump administration’s incompetent and hateful policy of family separations at the southern border fell apart as outrage from the overwhelming majority of Americans forced the President to do something he swore only hours before that he couldn’t.

What you can do to fight back this week (June 18)

As I write this message, a humanitarian crisis is unfolding on the nation’s southern border. Thousands of children are being forcibly separated from their parents and housed in facilities that meet the literal and moral definition of internment camps.

What you can do to fight back this week (June 11)

This weekend, a who’s-who of the far right gathered in Denver for the Western Conservative Summit. Attorney General Jeff Sessions and EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, two of the most anti-Colorado members of the Trump administration, headlined an event that seems tailor-made to showcase the very worst in American politics today.

Help us Help Walker Stapleton Purchase his Criminal Record

Just before the 2010 elections, a shocking report in the Denver Post detailed an alleged hit-and-run accident committed by Walker Stapleton, who later pled guilty to DUI. Stapleton is alleged to have caused bodily injury to two pedestrians while under the influence of alcohol, then attempting to leave the scene before authorities could arrive.

What you can do to fight back this week (February 26)

Last week, we sounded the alarm on three important events: a town hall with NRA favorite Rep. Mike Coffman, and action in the Colorado legislature on gun safety laws and protecting women’s abortion rights.

Tell Cynthia Coffman, Justice for Clarence Moses-EL, NOW!

A little over a year ago, ProgressNow Colorado members took action along with criminal justice reform advocates and concerned Denver residents to fight for the freedom of a man who spent nearly 30 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit.

URGENT: Colorado delegation must protect Mueller NOW

Explosive news last night has brought America to the brink of a constitutional crisis. As Special Counsel Robert Mueller moves closer to potentially charging Donald Trump with obstruction of justice, the New York Times reports that Trump actually tried to fire Mueller last summer—and only stopped after his own lawyer threatened to resign.

What you can do to fight back this week (January 22)

For weeks leading up to this past Saturday, the pundits crowed about the second Women’s March. There’s no way it would be anywhere near as big as last year’s, they said. The resistance is petering out, they said. Tax cuts for the wealthy bought off America, they said.

What you can do to fight back this week (January 16)

Holding the powerful accountable and fighting for the rights of everyone is not always the easy choice. Here in Denver, a city considered progressive and innovative by so many yardsticks, there’s a conflict brewing between new growth occurring in the urban core of the city and the communities that thrived here for decades before it was fashionable. This new conflict over gentrification, urban growth, and preservation of historic communities requires the best from all of us in order to build a prosperous future that respects everyone.

What you can do to fight back this week (December 11)

As we head into the holidays and the end of a very long year, I wanted to take a moment to say something once again that I’ve said each week as we’ve helped organize the resistance to Trump and the far right here in Colorado.

The Progressive Jobs Board and more you can do to fight back this week (October 16)

On Friday, Donald Trump abandoned the last pretense that his administration isn’t deliberately trying to hurt people and break our institutions. Trump’s unilateral decision to cut off billions of dollars in cost-sharing subsidies is nothing less than a deliberate attempt to destabilize the health insurance market and threaten the health coverage of millions of Americans.

What you can do to fight back this week (September 25)

The coming week is full of opportunities to take action in support of our shared progressive values. Now that, with your help, the far-right’s campaign to repeal health reform has been defeated, Republicans in Washington are turning to massive tax cuts for the wealthy and other parts of their agenda that would hurt the middle class and the institutions we all depend on.

What you can do to fight back this week (September 5)

This morning, the Trump administration announced a decision that could result in the deportation of 800,000 “Dreamers”—17,000 of them right here in Colorado—who call America home and are Americans in every sense of the word that matters. Democrats, and even some Republicans like Rep. Mike Coffman in Colorado have called for protecting undocumented immigrants who came to the United States as children, yet today Trump’s attorney general insulted them and perpetuated the racist lie that immigrants have stolen jobs from the rest of us.

More Ways to Help Folks in Texas

The devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey along the Texas coast, including the nation’s fourth-largest city, is only just now starting to become clear. Thousands of our neighbors in Texas are still waiting to be rescued from flooded homes, while many thousands more face the loss of everything they have spent their lives working for—homes, possessions, and in a growing number of tragic cases, family members and loved ones.

What you can do to fight back this week (August 28)

Even in the midst of political turmoil, external events sometimes force us to turn our focus to helping fellow Americans in need. This weekend, Hurricane Harvey struck the Gulf Coast of Texas, causing massive damage and flooding affecting millions of people.

What you can do to fight back this week (August 21)

In the last week, Trump has plunged to unthinkable new lows, refusing to condemn the white supremacists responsible for the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia and falsely insisting that “many sides” are responsible for the upsurge in hatred and racism that has swept the nation since he took office.

URGENT: Hold Cory Gardner accountable TONIGHT

After breaking every promise he made to protect health care for Coloradans, Sen. Cory Gardner is holding another so-called “telephone town hall” tonight at 7:05PM Mountain Time. Gardner remains the only Colorado federal elected official who has not held a single in-person public event since Donald Trump became President.

What you can do to fight back this week (June 12)

The fight to protect the historic gains in health coverage Colorado has enjoyed in recent years is entering the critical phase. After the first attempt by Republicans under President Trump to repeal the Affordable Care Act collapsed in failure, Sen. Cory Gardner of Colorado has joined a small group of Republican Senators to craft a new health coverage repeal bill in secret.

The latest word is that Sen. Gardner will unveil this new bill shortly, and the U.S. Senate will vote on it before the July 4th recess. No matter what token changes this newest bill makes over the last one, this is still legislation to undo the progress we’ve made under Obamacare and take away health coverage for millions of Americans. Sen. Gardner must be made to understand the terrible harm he is about to do to his constituents—and if that doesn’t convince him to change course—to his own political career.

The time to fight back is now. This Thursday, our friends at Protect Our Care Colorado are organizing a “walk-in” action at Gardner’s offices across the state of Colorado. Sign up for a designated time to walk into a Gardner office near you and deliver a letter or statement opposing the repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

Click here to find a time and office location to visit on Thursday.

Thank you for your help at this critical moment to protect health coverage. Once you’ve done that, check out more ways to take action for the week of June 19th:

What you can do to fight back this week (June 5)

Last week, Trump announced that our nation will abandon the historic 195-country Paris Agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global climate change. Trump’s speech justifying this decision has been ridiculed worldwide for having no basis in reality.

Then in Colorado, the truth struck back. Gov. John Hickenlooper condemned the decision to abandon the Paris Agreement, declaring that “Colorado’s commitment to clean air and clean energy will continue.” Mayors from across the state announced their intentions to disregard the Trump administration’s decision and press ahead with doing their part to meet emission reduction targets.

What you can do this week: call Michael Bennet

Saturday morning in Denver’s Civic Center Park, hundreds of Coloradans braved rain and snow to send a message to Colorado’s Senators objecting to Neil Gorsuch’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court.

And now, we resist

Today, Donald Trump was sworn in as President of the United States.

NEXT TUESDAY–Tell Cory Gardner: Don’t Pull The Plug

This week, Sen. Cory Gardner of Colorado and his right-wing allies in the U.S. Senate began the process of repealing the Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. Obamacare. Gardner doesn’t have a plan to replace Obamacare, and over 20 million Americans who depend on the health coverage they’ve obtained through the law could lose access.

What you can do

What comes next? We have to stand together for what we believe in no matter what the politicians in Washington do. Colorado can be a model for fixing the problems America faces.

We Are Building A Wall

Donald Trump is coming to Denver tomorrow and we are building a wall.

Laura Woods and her friends are lying to you

The reason Laura Woods and her friends are telling blatant lies about Rachel Zenzinger is simple: they don’t want to talk about Woods’ disastrous record in the Colorado Senate. In 2014, a right-wing “wave year,” Woods won this seat by fewer than 700 votes. In 2016, Woods is considered the most vulnerable lawmaker in the Colorado legislature.

Tell Cory Gardner you won’t forget

Cory Gardner may not be up for election in 2016, but plenty of his pro-gun colleagues will be. Remember Gardner’s votes yesterday in November, and make the gun lobby pay for their obstruction at every level of government.

SIGN: Prevent Gun Violence

This weekend’s attack on the Pulse nightclub brought together the combined threats of terrorism, gun violence, and bigotry our nation faces today.

Sign The Petition: Jon Keyser Must Withdraw

It is increasingly evident that Jon Keyser owes his spot on the 2016 ballot to fraud. Help us continue to highlight as the fraud continues to grow.

Help Us Uncover The Truth

Help Us Uncover The Truth

ProgressNow Colorado is working overtime right now and through the weekend to uncover the full extent of Jon Keyser's apparent petition fraud. Donate to help us uncover the truth.

Tell "Liar Keyser" to hang it up

Colorado’s Republican Secretary of State ruled that GOP U.S. Senate candidate Jon Keyser did not submit enough valid petition signatures to make the 2016 Republican primary ballot. Keyser is now threatening to bring in lawyers and turn the Senate race into a circus.

Tell John Cooke to Respect Colorado Law or Resign

If Sen. Cooke wants to advocate breaking Colorado law, he should not be in a position to either make or enforce our laws. Help us support common-sense gun laws like the 15-round limit on firearm magazine capacity.

A right-wing rollercoaster in Colorado

As of today, Darryl Glenn is the most dangerous man in Colorado politics. Glenn is even more extreme than Tim Neville. Glenn has vowed to "defund or basically repeal every executive order that President Obama issued."

Madness from Trump to Tancredo

In only a few months, Donald Trump has morphed from a sideshow into the greatest threat to American values in modern history. Trump’s rise to dominance as the Republican presidential frontrunner raises grave questions about that party’s core values, and threatens permanent damage to America’s moral leadership on fundamental human rights issues from immigration to religious freedom. The threat Trump poses to our nation is like nothing seen in our lifetimes.

Tell Cory Gardner To Do His Job

The Denver Post said Cory Gardner would end political gridlock. Maybe it was opposite day when they endorsed him. Help us fight them until the end of his term.

Rep. Priola: Apologize for your hypocrisy

Help us fight conservative hypocrisy. Again and again, conservatives say they are for family values and then do all in their power to oppose families. Rep. Kevin Priola voting against parental leave for school activities, after asking to be excused to attend to his own child’s needs is just the latest, sad example.

Tell Tim Neville right now: we will fight you all the way to November and beyond.

When we say that right-wing Sen. Tim Neville is the most dangerous man in Colorado politics, we mean it. Neville has wasted no time in 2016, laying out an agenda in the Colorado legislature that would strike at the heart of the values we as progressives have spent a decade in Colorado fighting to uphold. Help us fight against him.

Don't let "Liar Keyser" mislead Colorado

Another dishonest right-wing candidate has jumped into the U.S. Senate race. Last week, we asked for an investigation of Rep. Jon Keyser to determine if he violated rules against campaigning on government pay

Learn More About Animas River Disaster

Learn More About Animas River Disaster

Last week, a crew working for the Environmental Protection Agency to reduce pollution from abandoned mines near Silverton accidentally released a torrent of mine wastewater into a tributary of the Animas River. This polluted water flowed through the city of Durango, turning the Animas bright yellow and forcing water users along the river to shut off irrigation and drinking water. Rafting and other tourism-related businesses in the area have been devastated by the sudden loss of income at the height of the tourist season.

Not Be Fooled Again

Last fall, Cory Gardner said there was no "War on Women." And then he again voted against health care that millions of women in America and Colorado depend on every day. Help us hold him accountable.

Stand With Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood is the most trusted women’s health care provider in America. For almost a century, Planned Parenthood has provided women with the highest quality of care: not only reproductive health, but also lifesaving cancer screenings and other preventative health care services. Despite this, Planned Parenthood is the biggest target today for enemies of a woman’s right to choose.

Veto the Loan Shark Giveaway

Lobbyists for the subprime lending industry sneaked in a last-minute bill to allow huge interest rate increases on certain personal loans. The Colorado Attorney General’s office estimates that this legislation could mean increases of almost 40% to the total cost of a personal loan.

Protect our voice in utility rate cases

We urge the Colorado Senate to reauthorize the Office of Consumer Counsel before the end of this year’s legislative session.

No To Indiana-Style Discrimination

Unfortunately, some Colorado legislators are fighting to pass legislation in our state similar to Indiana’s. Tell your representative that we won’t let them turn Colorado into Indiana.

Cory Gardner is not a new kind of Republican

Outrageous. Destructive. Beneath contempt. Treason?

Those are the words being used to describe a letter sent by 47 Republican U.S. Senators to the government of Iran in an attempt to undermine negotiations over its nuclear program.

Legislature’s halfway point

After narrowly winning control of the Colorado Senate last year, the right wing is trying to pass years of pent-up bad ideas into law. Remember when the pundits said last year that the right is “no threat to abortion rights?” Already this year, we have seen three bills to prohibit or restrict abortion in Colorado.

Fight For Wage Equality

Last night, as Patricia Arquette accepted her Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, she spoke out for women across America--and Colorado--and called for wage equality and equal rights for women.

Not a good start

The 2015 legislative session in Colorado got off to a slow start--but yesterday, the new right wing majority in the Colorado Senate showed everyone their true colors.

The State of the Union–coming to the watch party?

Tonight, the President will deliver this year’s State of the Union address. With President Obama now in the final two years of his Presidency, there is a lot of buzz about the agenda he’s laying out tonight--no-cost community college, expanding access to broadband internet, and tax relief for the middle class instead of the wealthiest Americans.

SAVE THE DATE: Protest Bill Cosby in Denver this Saturday

Let’s show America that Colorado rejects sexual violence no matter who commits it. No one is above the law, no matter how famous or rich they may be. I look forward to seeing you Saturday afternoon.

Records Request Reveals Investigation of Pueblo GOP Chair For Election Document Theft

ProgressNow Colorado, the state's largest online progressive advocacy organization, today called on Pueblo Republican Party Chair Becky Mizel to publicly apologize and explain her apparent theft of a confidential election document. ProgressNow Colorado obtained video and documents in an Open Records Act request regarding elections procedures and meetings in Pueblo County.

Colorado’s legislature goes back to work today

Today is the first day of the 2015 session of the Colorado General Assembly! The start of the state legislative session is always one of my favorite experiences each January. Even though the nonstop drama in Washington consumes the spotlight, the fact is, more decisions directly affecting our lives as Coloradans are made in Denver.

Cory Gardner–that didn’t take long

Gardner hasn't even been sworn in yet, and he is already backpedaling. Yesterday, Gardner voted to deport millions of immigrants, including parents of American citizens--exactly what progressives were afraid he would do if elected.

How do we get this done?

In 1992, I watched in horror as the jury of Rodney King failed to convict the police that beat him, a black man. Even with the video, the all-white jury said that no crime was committed. At 27 years old, I felt like my world fell apart. How could the people in my generation not see this as crime? How was it possible that in 1992, as I watched Los Angeles burn, I was dealing the same disappointment my father dealt with in 1965, as he watched Watts burn.

Got Insurance!

The open enrollment period for those health insurance marketplaces--Connect for Health Colorado is the one here in Colorado--has opened up again this year. Enrollment runs through February 15th, 2015. And we’re back with a new campaign--Got Insurance!--to highlight just a few of the many great stories of people whose lives are better off now that they’ve got insurance.

Our final action alert of the 2014 elections–read this now

According to the latest news reports from FOX 31 and the New York Times, the right wing's GOTV efforts are losing steam--and progressives are gaining ground rapidly. In 2010 and 2012, progressives in Colorado went into Election Day behind in both returned ballots and public polling. Both times, we won the election. If the Colorado voters who turned out in 2012 turn out this time, we're going to win again.

So many lies

Gardner also has made claims about health insurance in Colorado that don't add up. The truth is, hundreds of thousands of Coloradans have insurance today that didn't used to have it. According to Gallup Research, the rate of uninsured in Colorado has plunged from 17% to only 11% of the population. Despite this, Gardner claims that hundreds of thousands of Coloradans have had their insurance "cancelled."

Skeletons in the closet

"We know how to solve problems in the state legislature and we've delivered on many of the issues most important to our constituents," said Colorado Senate President Morgan Carroll, "like college affordability, immigration, and minimum wage. But where we've moved Colorado forward, Mike Coffman has been blocking those advances in Washington and hiding his real beliefs in the closet."

Bob Beauprez has gone too far

The race for governor of Colorado has taken an ugly turn.

This week, a new ad was released that attempts to blame Gov. Hickenlooper for the tragic murder of the state’s Department of Corrections director last year. In response, the widow of Director Tom Clements told Beauprez to leave her husband’s death out of his campaign.

Ahead of the Broncos vs. Chargers Game Today, ProgressNow Colorado Asks, “Is Cory Gardner Catfishing Colorado?”

The San Diego Chargers are in town today to take on the Denver Broncos in a big AFC West match up. As Denver welcomes Philip Rivers, Manti Te'o and the rest of the San Diego Chargers to Colorado, ProgressNow Colorado would like to remind Coloradans about catfishing--the phenomenon of a person pretending to be someone they are not by fabricating an identity to lure someone into a relationship by means of a fictional persona.

ProgressNow Colorado Registers Formal Complaint With Office Of Congressional Ethics Against U.S. Congressman Cory Gardner

"This is just the latest example of Con Man Cory pushing his deceptions anywhere he can," said Runyon-Harms. "Gardner is claiming credit for bringing millions of dollars in economic development to Colorado, but the bill he sponsored never funded a single project--a fact that numerous media outlets have confirmed. It's outrageous that Gardner is using taxpayer dollars to mislead the public about his record."

Progressives Launch Non-Partisan “Vote Down Your Ballot” Campaign

"In recent elections for Colorado's three lesser-known statewide races, the margin of victory has sometimes been less than the number of voters who simply didn't complete their ballots," said ProgressNow Colorado Education executive director Amy Runyon-Harms. "So much of the conversation during election season is dominated by two or three big races, it's hard for candidates down the ballot to get noticed. But elections for secretary of state, treasurer, and attorney general have major implications for everyone in Colorado."

Citizens United Is In Colorado

This past week Citizens United, yes THAT Citizens United, came to Colorado. The same group responsible for the Supreme Court ruling that allowed unlimited sums of money in politics and spurred the 'Corporations are People' idea has come to Colorado to try and influence our election's outcome with deceitful ads.

Colorado’s No on 67 Coalition Demands Hulu Allow Rape Survivor Ad To Run

Online ad-supported video service Hulu refused to air an ad by a rape survivor opposing Colorado’s Amendment 67. Amendment 67 would ban abortion, emergency contraception, and common forms of birth control. A coalition of groups opposing Amendment 67 including Planned Parenthood Votes Colorado, NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado, ProgressNow Colorado Education, and the Vote NO 67 Campaign are launching a campaign to demand that #HuluLetHerSpeak and air the rape survivor’s story.

Advisory: Women To Tour Denver TV Stations: Cory Gardner Wrong For Colorado Women

Tomorrow, a group of women will be making a tour of Denver television stations to deliver a new report from the Center for American Progress Action Fund. CAP Action is releasing a report that outlines the many ways that Cory Gardner’s extreme policies hurt Colorado women and families. His conservative record extends from his views on reproductive rights to opposing workplace policies that would allow women to get ahead--and not just get by.

Countdown Coffman: 25 Years of Failed Leadership

"Colorado voters are counting down the days until we can officially put an end to 25 years of mismanagement and poor representation from Mike Coffman," said ProgressNow Colorado executive director Amy Runyon-Harms. "Mike Coffman has been on the public dole since 1989, but you'd have a hard time arguing that Colorado is better off as a result."

Add your voice about climate change

Severe weather caused by climate change--from droughts to wildfires and floods--threatens our families, our homes, and our economy--but Congress is content to sit back and do nothing about it.

Equality at last

While we congratulate our LGBT friends, neighbors, and family members on their historic victory, it's important to remember that two politicians vying to represent Colorado are on the wrong side of history--and we won't forget.

Beauprez’s shame

Here's the bottom line: like other conservatives this election season, Bob Beauprez is trying desperately to cover up his fringe record on women's health and reproductive choice. Beauprez claims he wouldn't try to ban abortions as governor in 2014, but in his last run for governor he campaigned on doing just that.

Time to fight back

We at ProgressNow Colorado know exactly what needs to be done for progressives to succeed this November. Right now, we are rolling out targeted digital ads, clearinghouse websites for information about candidates like Con Man Cory and Corrupt Coffman, viral videos, and even billboards in key locations driving the public our websites. With the airwaves saturated with ads nobody wants to see, we’re reaching tens of thousands of voters where they already are: on social media and the online destinations they visit every day.

Lying is always wrong

For months, I’ve been telling you about Con Man Cory Gardner’s falsehoods and flip-flops since entering the U.S. Senate race. In this case, Gardner’s denials have veered into the absurd. It’s obvious that Gardner wants voters to think he “co-wrote the law to launch our state's green energy industry.” And it’s clear from Gardner’s response to 9NEWS that his campaign knows the impression they are leaving with voters is false.

READ THIS: The Many Lies of Con Man Cory

There’s a reason we call him Con Man Cory. From the moment Cory Gardner entered the race for the U.S. Senate, he has been covering up his long political record--a record that ranked him as the 10th most right-wing member of Congress in 2012, according to National Journal

Beauprez said what?

It's hard to find perfect politicians. Nobody's ever going to agree with us 100%, and even good people let us down sometimes--or the goals we have get lost in the endless back-and-forth of politics. But one thing I do know is that we need level-headed decision makers in government we can trust. People who want stability for our future.

Not a myth

Despite the extreme stands of both Gardner and Beauprez on women’s health, the polls show both of them are very close in their races. Between now and Election Day, ProgressNow Colorado’s job is to make sure every voter in our state understands what’s at stake this fall, and the serious consequences of making the wrong decision.

Hey Bill Maher, Colorado Needs You

Bill Maher says he wants to “outright meddle” in the political process. And we want to welcome him to Colorado to meddle away.

Bob Beauprez: civil war?

We’re never going to agree on every political issue in America, but we should all be able to agree--and this is an understatement--that a civil war would be a very bad thing. Whatever disagreements we have over politics today, none of them should ever, ever rise to the level of contemplating violence against other Americans. Americans are better than this.

Help us send Karl Rove packing

It’s amazing that Karl Rove and the right wing is still trying to deceive the public about Obamacare after so many millions of Americans are reaping the benefits. Even worse, they can’t find ‘victims’ of health care reform, so they make them up out of thin air. This willful deception of the public has gone on too long, and it’s time for it to stop.


As you probably know, President Obama signed an order in 2012 stopping deportations for many undocumented students. This was intended as a temporary measure, to be followed up by comprehensive immigration reform from Congress. Unfortunately, Republicans in Congress like Cory Gardner and Mike Coffman have refused to act--and even helped kill bipartisan immigration reform legislation that had already passed the U.S. Senate.

We found the problem with immigration reform

There’s no question about it: America is facing an immigration crisis, and something must be done. And when we need leadership the most, Mike Coffman and Cory Gardner are letting us all down.

Colorado doesn’t do Jersey-style corruption

We've just learned that that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is hosting a fundraiser for the Republican Governors Association this Wednesday at Denver's Capital Grille. Bob Beauprez, the GOP Colorado gubernatorial nominee, is the event's "special guest."

Cory Gardner’s bad deal for women

You may have heard that Congressman Cory Gardner has supported proposals to ban birth control. Gardner recently flip-flopped on that position, but he still says he wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act--which would end the cost-free birth control millions of women now enjoy. Even after the terrible Hobby Lobby decision, Obamacare’s birth control benefit will continue to help women across America who work for companies that protect the rights of their employees.

Thank you, Gov. Hickenlooper

Take a minute right now to thank Governor Hickenlooper for his leadership. It’s time for Colorado to embrace the freedom to marry for every citizen of our state, and it’s time for opponents of equality to admit they’ve lost. We’ll share your names and comments with Gov. Hickenlooper’s office and the press.

Immigration and Con Man Cory

Unfortunately, Con Man Cory Gardner and his right-wing allies in Washington, like Congressman Mike Coffman, are determined to make sure immigration reform goes nowhere. When the Justice Department filed suit against Arizona over the unconstitutional anti-immigrant law, Cory Gardner tried to stop them. Cory Gardner helped kill bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform legislation that had already passed the U.S. Senate last year. Cory Gardner even voted to deport DREAMer students, who even most Republicans say should be allowed to continue their educations.

“The GOP’s worst deja vu ever”

I believe that Colorado needs leaders who unite us, not divide us. The job of a governor is to represent the interests of 100% of the people, not half of them. If you agree, let's stand up for those values--and show that our state is better than Bob Beauprez's divisive rhetoric.

“I hope and pray we don’t see another civil war, but…”

We can disagree about politics, but in America, we settle our disagreements peacefully. In the last few years, we’ve seen an ugly side to our politics emerge in the irrational hatred of President Obama. Let’s make sure the whole nation understands we are better than that, and that “Both Ways” Bob Beauprez does not speak for Colorado.

What does immigration reform mean to you?

As progressives, we want immigration reform that makes life better for everyone. America needs immigrants to fuel our economy, but immigration needs to be managed to ensure everyone in America benefits. The children of immigrants in America, whether documented or undocumented, must have the same educational opportunities as everyone else if they are to succeed--and a pathway to citizenship so our investment in their education stays here in America.

“Colorado is next”

It's time to take the far right seriously. As the state's largest online progressive advocacy organization, ProgressNow Colorado is on the front lines every day holding Gardner, Coffman, Tancredo, and the rest of the extreme right in Colorado accountable. It's our job to stop the extremists before they can do damage in our state--and demand better from our public officials and candidates.

Victory! Citizens United has to play by the same rules as everyone else

Hundreds of you heeded the call, and moments ago, the Secretary of State’s office agreed with you: Citizens United’s so-called “documentary” is an electioneering communication, they do not get a “press exemption” to campaign finance laws, and therefore they will have to disclose who is behind their sleazy politics.

Boehner, Cantor, Coffman: don’t be fooled again

After promising to make immigration reform a priority this year, Coffman held a secret fundraiser with the two men perhaps most responsible for the gridlock in Washington, D.C. that’s preventing reform from passing. Coffman’s fundraiser with Boehner and Cantor is a slap in the face to everyone who believed Coffman’s empty promises.

Con Man Cory is afraid of us

The only “tired, sad playbook” in use in this race is the one where conservatives run from their extreme records. No one forced Cory Gardner to support the Personhood abortion bans in Colorado year after year, or to actively campaign to get it on the ballot in 2010. And the truth is, it has been common knowledge that Personhood would have adverse consequences including banning certain forms of birth control since 2008 if not earlier. Gardner is today, right now, a sponsor of legislation in Congress to enact the same sweeping Personhood abortion ban nationwide.

Colorado is not Arizona

It’s not a coincidence that Cynthia Coffman, like her boss Attorney General John Suthers, is more interested in defending discrimination than focusing on the needs of her state--just like Jan Brewer in Arizona, who recently announced she would not seek another term after years of controversy in office.

Spread the word: you can’t trust Mike Coffman

Yesterday, at a press conference in front of the Colorado Supreme Court building, ProgressNow Colorado joined with leaders in the Latino community to kick off our campaign to hold US Rep. Mike Coffman accountable in 2014.

Enough games, Con Man Cory

Colorado deserves to know who Cory Gardner is making promises to. If you haven’t already, send a message to Gardner right now, telling him to disclose the special-interest donors from this controversial closed-door fundraiser, and who among them is funding his Senate campaign today.

URGENT: Join us Monday in Denver to hold Con Man Cory Gardner accountable

How many ordinary Coloradans have $10,000 to spare so Cory Gardner can serve them drinks? To this day, Gardner has never disclosed who he spent time with during this Florida junket, what deals he may have made while boating on the "Good Life," or who among the special interest donors he hob-nobbed with may be funding his U.S. Senate campaign today.

BREAKING: The story Mike Coffman doesn’t want you to read

This week, The Denver Post’s Kurtis Lee wrote a critically important news story detailing Coffman’s attempt to flip-flop on his longstanding support for banning abortion. The title of the story was, “Mike Coffman adjusts abortion stance in cases of rape and incest.” A short time later, this story disappeared from The Denver Post’s website. I’m not kidding.

It’s just common sense

Every person in Colorado deserves the privacy and freedom to make choices about reproductive health care without government looking over their shoulder. Every year, new attacks on women’s reproductive rights emerge in Colorado, despite the fact that Colorado is an overwhelmingly pro-choice state. It’s wrong to force anyone’s beliefs on others, but that’s what happens in Colorado year after year.

Privacy and choice

It’s an unfortunate fact that basic rights women take for granted every day are under attack. This year, Republicans in the Colorado House introduced legislation to ban all abortions in Colorado, even in cases of rape or incest. Well funded anti-choice groups have successfully put an abortion ban on the Colorado ballot for the third time in the last four general elections.

Coffman’s true colors

Why are right-wing politicians in Colorado running away from their anti-woman, anti-choice records? Because it’s an election year, and they know their pandering to the fringe on this issue will hurt them--just as it hurt other anti-choice politicians, like Ken Buck back in 2010.

Money Badger for the win!

Since taking office in 2011, Scott Gessler has faced scandal after scandal over his own efforts to tilt the playing field to his party’s advantage. Gessler, the state's chief elections officer, actually once said that "a good election" is when "Republicans win." [1] Gessler is the only statewide politician in office today who has been found by Colorado’s Independent Ethics Commission to have “breached the public trust for private gain.” [2Show the rest of the country Coloradans recognize we have the worst elected official in office today -- make Gessler the March Badness Champion. If we garner enough votes, Colorado moves to the next round.

Con Man Cory–don’t be fooled

One you know all the facts, it’s painfully obvious: Gardner is afraid of his anti-women record and is trying to run away from it. The only reason Gardner is pretending to “rethink” this issue is he knows his record will repel women and independent voters. Gardner knows that Colorado women decided the last U.S. Senate election against Ken Buck in 2010, and he doesn’t want to share Buck’s fate.

16 Days

Colorado set up it’s own health insurance exchange--Connect for Health Colorado. It has been working well for people here in our state. Which is why Colorado ranks 5th in the nation in getting people signed up for coverage on state-based exchanges.

Stand with Mark Udall against the CIA’s abuse of power

Congressional oversight is one of the most important checks that exists against federal abuse of power. If Congress can’t do their jobs holding intelligence agencies accountable, the risk to the civil liberties of every American is fundamental and grave. There is perhaps no more serious issue being debated in Washington today than these basic matters of unreasonable government intrusion, detention, and interrogation. It doesn’t matter which party is in the White House--we have to stand together, left and right, to protect the values that define us as Americans.

They’ve learned nothing

Next Tuesday, Republicans will once again try to pass a total ban on abortions in Colorado. This has been attempted in previous years, but what’s different about this bill is the support of Republican leadership. In fact, Republican House Minority Leader Brian DelGrosso has signed on as a co-sponsor to this dangerous legislation.

Both Ways Bob is back

Beauprez is right about one thing: the field of Republicans in the Colorado gubernatorial race are hopelessly unqualified. What Beauprez doesn't understand, of course, is that he is no better. Bob Beauprez was a joke in 2006, and as he proved by launching his campaign for governor of Colorado from Washington, D.C., he's a joke today.

BREAKING: More of the same

Cory Gardner’s fresh face can’t hide who he is. Gardner’s record is clear: like Ken Buck, he would be a disaster for Colorado women in the U.S. Senate. Sign our petition right now--condemn Gardner’s awful record on women’s health and choice, and let the far right know you won’t be fooled by this wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Not another Obamacare horror story!

In Louisiana, they’re hiring actors to tell fake stories about the health care law--even admitting that the commercials don’t describe real events. Other ads are telling half-truths, stories about so-called “policy cancellations” that never mention the new coverage consumers are getting is better and more affordable. Here in Colorado, opponents of health care reform are spreading the story that “over 300,000 people lost insurance,” when the truth is that almost all of those people were offered renewals of their existing policies.

About time–stand up for marriage equality in Colorado

Today, public opinions polls show that a majority of Coloradans support the right of gay and lesbian people to marry the person they love. Nine Colorado couples have made a courageous decision to ensure that other loving couples can experience the same joy and dignity of honoring their commitment to one another by filing a legal challenge to overturn Amendment 43--Colorado’s ban on same-sex marriage.

Money Badger don’t care

Over the past three years, Scott Gessler has caused more controversy, and been hit with more ethics scandals, than any politician in this state. By simple yardsticks of scandal and mismanagement, he’s the worst Secretary of State Colorado has seen in decades--maybe ever. Enough is enough: tell Scott Gessler to withdraw his request for millions more taxpayer dollars to cover his office’s avoidable shortfall.

You won’t love this

Herpin's remarks are senseless: the Aurora shooter fired dozens and dozens of shots before his rifle jammed. It was not "a good thing" in any way that he was able to buy a 100-round magazine. Can we do better when debating important matters of public safety in Colorado?

Get the Facts: The Air Quality Control Commission’s proposed rules

Governor Hickenlooper has proposed strong statewide air quality safeguards for oil and gas production. These draft rules have support from many in the conservation community and at least five of the major oil and gas companies operating in Colorado including Anadarko Petroleum, Encana USA, and Noble Energy.

Tell Mike Coffman: Get serious or go home

Coffman and the Republican-controlled House have demonstrated that they have no real desire to tackle this issue. Meanwhile our economy and millions of working families in America suffer. We have a chance to fix this problem now, as polling clearly shows Coffman’s constituents want. And lip service is not enough.

Up in the Air

We live in Colorado because it’s a beautiful, special place. We love our mountains. We love to be outdoors. None of that is worth much if you can’t breathe the air. Just like folks in West Virginia are struggling right now because they can’t drink their water.

RSVP: Join Robert Reich for a discussion of Colorado’s economic future!

Featured Keynote Speaker: Professor Robert Reich, former Secretary of the US Department of Labor. He will speak about rising income inequality in the United States and its negative effects on the economy. A screening of Reich's new award-winning documentary, "Inequality for All," will follow the morning program.

Common-sense gun safety is making Colorado better

The smear and retaliation campaign by the extreme right against progressive legislators who backed this year’s gun safety reforms has taken a terrible toll. But they were right to not give up. Now we can see the reforms they fought for are working--preventing guns from being sold to people who shouldn’t have them--while allowing law-abiding citizens to go about their business. Common-sense gun safety in Colorado is making our state better.

Thank You, Evie Hudak

Above all, we must put an end to the partisan political games that made endless recalls attractive to the far right. The General Assembly and Colorado voters must take action to ensure that mail ballots are not suppressed in recall elections. We would like to go a step further, and require that recalls have a real justification, such as a crime committed, before they can go forward.

This Black Friday, stand up for retail workers

As you know, Walmart stores across the country are holding Black Friday sales events. Around the country, including here in Colorado, Walmart workers and supporters like me are going to stand up and demand better. Can you join us this Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year, as we stand up to Walmart, call for an end to retaliation against workers fighting for better conditions--and demand a living wage of $25,000 a year for full-time Walmart workers?

Got Insurance?

The Got Insurance? campaign has emerged as the largest volumetric success of any campaign undertaken by ProgressNow Colorado in our decade of operations. The Got Insurance? website uses an innovative social sharing method developed in-house that provides a higher degree of full-quality sharing across social media than most websites.

From Rep. Jared Polis: Let’s stop discrimination

Right now, I'm fighting in Washington to end job discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity once and for all. Moments ago, the U.S. Senate passed an important piece of legislation to do just that: the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA). In Colorado, these basic protections have been in place for years, and it's past time we exported our common sense to the rest of the country.

Something we can all agree on

Politics make it hard to find common ground sometimes, but there are some things we should all be able to agree on. Like our kids. We all agree that kids in school deserve good teachers and functioning classrooms. Here in Colorado, we’re trying lots of new ideas to improve our public schools. We don’t always agree on every idea, but we can all agree that we want schools to meet the educational needs of our kids and our economy.

Mike Coffman can’t wait for the next crisis

Last week, "Tea Party" Republicans were defeated after shutting down the government for over two weeks and threatening the first-ever default on the nation's financial obligations, all to further their political agenda. The headlines today are full of stories of Republicans running scared, with many saying they will never again make the mistake of holding the nation hostage to alter the law of the land.

Join me Friday in remembrance of Aurora victims: No More Names

This Friday, concerned citizens from across America will join with the people of Aurora to remember the tragic mass shooting that shook our community one year ago. Victims of gun violence from Colorado and elsewhere, religious leaders, and activists will come together here in Aurora to remember the victims--and to take immediate steps to reduce gun violence nationwide.

Aurora Theater Shooting Anniversary Timeline

On July 20, 2013 survivors of gun violence will again stand together in Aurora, Colorado to remember their loved ones and reflect on a year that saw the reinvigoration of a national debate on gun control; sparked death threats from opponents; saw the passage of new state laws; and inspired recall elections that The Denver Post has called “wrongheaded” and “an abuse of the political process.”

Tell Gardner to disclose special interest funders

Last week, a CBS News investigative team reported on a recent fundraising junket to Florida for top congressional freshmen, where corporate executives and lobbyist insiders paid tens of thousands of dollars for exclusive access. 1