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Our Vision

ProgressNow Colorado believes in a more progressive Colorado. We believe that in order to affect progressive changes in public policy, we must first shift public opinion. As the state’s largest online multi-issue education and advocacy organization, ProgressNow Colorado acts as a public relations shop promoting progressive ideals while pushing back on bad policies and bad behavior from the right wing.

Our Approach

ProgressNow Colorado and ProgressNow Colorado Education share the same strategic approach to communications.

  • Innovation – ProgressNow Colorado focuses on the latest information technology to drive communications and use outside the box messages to break through. We strive to be early adopters of social media not only so we can best utilize the tools but also to teach our progressive partners to do so.
  • Rapid response – ProgressNow Colorado focuses on fast and strategic message distribution to educate people in real time on the issues they care about – and to make sure the progressive message is out there first.
  • Multi-Issue – ProgressNow Colorado prides itself on being multi-issue. While we prioritize the most pressing issues of the day, in any given month, we work on as many as ten issues. Sometimes we are the lead organization on an issue, and sometimes we partner with other progressive organizations who are the issue expert to make sure their message is being amplified.
  • State-Based – ProgressNow Colorado is a state-based organization. We focus on issues important to Colorado and to Coloradans. Although we touch on national issues like immigration or health care, we care about what these issues mean to folks in our state. With our extensive email list, we also send communications on local fights, regional issues, and everything in between.

Our History

ProgressNow Colorado started in 2003 as a response to conservative communication dominance. Back then, conservatives controlled Colorado politics and the progressive viewpoint was not heard; ProgressNow Colorado became an alternative voice at the Capitol and in the press. Using new online technologies developed during Howard Dean’s 2004 campaign for president, PNC quickly became the largest and most successful progressive advocacy organization in Colorado–pioneering new methods of engagement that would become the standard for political and nonprofit advocacy. For example, ProgressNow Colorado created and shared online videos before YouTube was a thing.

A few accomplishments include:


January 1, 2008
ProgressNow Colorado caught on camera and broke the story of Carol Kreck’s free speech rights being violated after she was cited for trespassing while holding a sign that said “McCain = Bush” outside of the Denver Performing Arts Complex. This became a national story. Read more


January 1, 2010
Played a key role in breaking to media Scott McInnis’ plagiarism of water essays to the media. This scandal dominated press coverage for a month. We demanded his withdrawal from the race until his primary defeat to a weaker candidate. Read more


January 1, 2012
PNC reclaimed the term Obamacare for progressives and educated the public about the positive impacts of health care reform through the Thanks Obamacare campaign. Read more


January 1, 2012
ProgressNow Colorado highlighted Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan’s falsehoods about climbing 40 of Colorado’s 14ers which resulted in a change in the press’ narrative. Thirty-eight national publications discussed this claim including The New York Times and The Atlantic. The repeated theme of Ryan’s lies became a liability for the Romney campaign. Read more


January 1, 2013
In partnership with the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative, we created Got Insurance? – an online ad campaign to raise awareness about the health care exchange and to encourage young people and women to sign up. Our humorous ads cut through the noise and received national attention. The website had over twenty-five million views and our ads were featured in almost every major national news outlet including CNN and Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show. Read more


January 1, 2015
Each week, we create a matrix that combines Colorado’s political news with other Colorado stories and share this graphic out on Facebook, Reddit, and with our email membership. The reach of the Colorado Week in Review is equal to that of Fox31’s 10 o’clock news broadcast. Read more