Just over a week ago, ProgressNow Colorado launched our campaign calling on Joe O’Dea to release everyone who received settlement money attached to a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) from O’Dea’s company Concrete Express during the company’s long history of worker safety, fair pay, and discrimination cases so those victims can tell their stories.

The response to our petition campaign has been overwhelming. The story of O’Dea’s repeated worker safety violations and other violations of worker’s rights has resulted in an outpouring of similar discontent with “bad bosses” throughout the economy. Working people across Colorado are tired of out-of-touch rich bosses who don’t respect the workers who created their wealth.

Kay in Eagle writes, “This man is an example of the worst in business owners. He should not be permitted to frighten his employees.”

Karyn in Pine: “If you are so wonderful, why are you stopping victims from speaking out about their work experiences with you?”

Larry in Cotopaxi responds, “Seriously? Good to know this about you and your attempts to silence people who know about the conditions at your company. Let them speak so we can know who you really are, or is that what you are afraid of?”

Susan in Boulder asks, “I wonder what O’Dea is afraid of? The truth, perhaps? To erase any doubt he should allow his employees/former employees to speak. If he doesn’t release people from nondisclosure agreements then many will wonder why he’s so secretive and fearful. Could it be that he puts profits over people?”

If you haven’t already, add your voice to our petition demanding Joe O’Dea release victims of CEI workplace injury and discrimination to tell their stories. We’ll share your names and comments with the press and O’Dea’s campaign as we continue to press for accountability in these final weeks of the 2022 elections.

Thanks so much for your help to hold Joe O’Dea accountable this summer and fall. The polls say you’re making the difference we need.


Sara Loflin, Executive Director

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