Last night, word leaked that the U.S. Supreme Court has drafted its decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, the landmark Supreme Court ruling guaranteeing abortion rights to every American. Once this decision is official, everything we’ve taken for granted for generations about basic rights and freedoms in America is in jeopardy. The language of the leaked draft opinion has been widely interpreted as opening the door to attacks on other hard-won rights like marriage equality.

In Colorado, we’ve voted to protect abortion rights over and over. Politicians who evade questions on abortion rights or downplay their position are often hiding their agendas to get elected. The result is what we saw in Cory Gardner: lies on the campaign trail and then voting along party-lines in the Senate for every law and judicial appointment to eviscerate settled law. Today, the full extent of the damage Gardner did to civil rights in America is evident. To everyone.

Don’t let Joe O’Dea become the next Cory Gardner.

Just like Cory Gardner, Joe O’Dea wants to have it both ways on abortion. O’Dea says Colorado’s new law codifying abortion rights is “reckless” after heralding a repeal of the Roe decision that would make abortion a “local level issue.” [1] Now that we sadly know the fate of Roe, Joe O’Dea has nowhere to hide on abortion.

Sign our petition demanding that Joe O’Dea immediately support codifying Roe v. Wade into law nationally via the Women’s Health Protection Act of 2021 and oppose judicial appointments that would roll back reproductive rights. We’ll share your comments with O’Dea’s campaign and the press.

The lesson Cory Gardner taught Colorado is that we can’t let politicians who “don’t want to talk about abortion” get away with silence while abortion rights are being dismantled before our eyes. Colorado voters on both sides deserve the truth.

Thank you for your help holding Colorado’s conservatives accountable. It’s more important today than ever.