Less than two weeks ago, we wrote asking you to contact Colorado House Minority Leader Patrick Neville, and tell him to stop putting Colorado lives at risk during the COVID-19 pandemic with his outrageous and irresponsible rhetoric: openly encouraging resistance to stay-at-home orders to combat the pandemic, and comparing the battle against this deadly disease to Nazism.

Yesterday, a local reporter asked Gov. Jared Polis about these outlandish statements from Minority Leader Neville and other Colorado Republicans. You have to watch his powerful response:

Reached by the Denver Post after yesterday’s briefing, Minority Leader Neville “declined to apologize.” [1] And even now as the evidence grows that everything we’ve done to fight this pandemic is working and has saved untold numbers of Coloradans, Neville and his small but noisy fringe of far-right activists who wield disproportionate influence in the Colorado Republican Party are giving their supporters advice that could cost lives.

Enough is enough. Sign our petition calling on Colorado House Republicans to remove Patrick Neville from his position as Colorado House Minority Leader immediately.

A new poll shows that 75% of Coloradans support Gov. Polis’ response to the pandemic–over 30 percent higher than Trump’s 43% approval. These weeks of staying at home have been difficult, but the alternative of allowing the pandemic to rage unchecked would be so much worse it’s unthinkable. Coloradans understand the stakes, and we’re doing a great job at slowing the spread of COVID-19 by staying at home.

Now let’s make sure the whole country knows that Colorado House Minority Leader Patrick Neville does not speak for the rest of us. Sign our petition demanding House Republicans pull the plug on Neville’s disastrous term as House Minority Leader. We’ll deliver your signatures and comments to the House GOP, other elected officials, and the press.

Thanks again for helping Colorado get through this emergency with our health and our dignity intact.