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In the past week, the global emergency surrounding the outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus has escalated into a crisis that is deeply impacting the lives of every person on our planet. Public gatherings have been cancelled, businesses are shutting down, the Colorado legislature has adjourned for at least the next several weeks, and people across Colorado are facing an economic crisis in addition to the risk of getting sick.

To everyone facing hardship right now, know that we’re with you, and take comfort from the fact that our elected leaders in Colorado are doing everything they can to mitigate the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. What’s happening today is a powerful lesson in how important it is as a society to look out for each other and protect the most vulnerable among us from harm in good times and bad. The progressive values we fight for together–universal healthcare, robust safety nets to protect Americans from economic devastation, housing and good-paying jobs for everyone who wants them–are also the values that hold our nation together when things get bad.

For the latest information about the coronavirus pandemic in Colorado, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is keeping this web page continuously updated. If you have the means to help, please consider a donation to Denver-area food banks and pantries who are expecting heavy demand in the coming weeks. And if you find yourself in crisis for any reason, please reach out to Colorado Crisis Services for help.

There are no easy answers right now, but the one thing we can count on–the thing we must count on–is the fundamental resiliency of Colorado families and communities. We must help our neighbors, continue to hold public officials accountable, and cooperate across economic strata and cultural divides to minimize the harm and get through this crisis. We are truly in this together.

NOTE ON PNC OPERATIONS: We will to continue to regularly update members with action alerts and opportunities to engage in the political process, as well as updating members via social media properties and our website. PNC staff members remain on duty and are responsive to email and other digital communications platforms.

Thank you, and stay safe out there.