Wednesday, February 19, 2020
CONTACT: Manny Lopez del Rio, [email protected]

DENVER, CO: One day before President Donald Trump’s visit to Colorado Springs for a re-election campaign rally with Senator Cory Gardner, ProgressNow Colorado and Global Strategy Group released Part 1 of the first issue of The Rocky Mountaineer, a quarterly resource guide that provides insights on the issues and players that are driving politics and policy in the state.

Among other insights, this issue contains new polling data showing that Trump and Gardner remain deeply unpopular in Colorado, and Colorado voters strongly prefer Democratic candidates for the state legislature.

“As President Trump prepares to visit Colorado with his close ally Cory Gardner, our new polling shows clearly that Colorado voters are not buying what Trump is selling,” said Manny Lopez del Rio of ProgressNow Colorado. “Results from the Mountaineer demonstrate clearly that Sen. Gardner’s unwavering loyalty to Trump at the expense of the best interests of Colorado has left his own base fractured–while unifying and motivating progressives against the far right at every level in 2020.”