Friday, January 25, 2019
CONTACT: Ian Silverii, Executive Director at [email protected]

DENVER: After the dramatic arrest this morning by the FBI of Roger Stone, a close confidante of President Donald Trump on obstruction and witness tampering charges, ProgressNow Colorado, the state’s largest multi-issue progressive advocacy organization, renewed its urgent call for intervention by Congress to protect Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s investigation.

“Lying, intimidation and witness tampering are incredible charges,” said Ian Silverii, executive director of ProgressNow Colorado. “This morning’s indictment of the self-described ’40- year friend and advisor of Donald Trump,’ Roger Stone, is the sixth arrest of a Trump insider–and affirms deceitful practices by Donald Trump and his campaign, first as a candidate and now as President of the United States. We urge Senator Cory Gardner to put our country ahead of his party, for once, and take immediate action to protect the Mueller investigation.”

“Senator Gardner, if you do not act now to stop Trump’s ongoing abuse of power, you are forsaking the oath that you took to defend the Constitution,” said Silverii. “Gardner has a well-earned reputation for preferring lip service over action. At this critical moment in American history, anything less than immediate action to protect the investigation into Trump’s campaign is complicity.”