Friday, July 6, 2018
CONTACT: Ian SIlverii, Executive Director at [email protected]

DENVER: After Colorado Treasurer Walker Stapleton’s campaign for governor refused to disclose Stapleton’s choice of running mate within the seven-day deadline in Colorado law required for the selection, ProgressNow Colorado, the state’s largest multi-issue progressive advocacy organization, called on Stapleton to stop hiding his choice from Colorado voters—and to show proof that he actually made the selection within the timeframe required by law.

“Walker Stapleton is the first candidate for governor in Colorado’s history to have failed to disclose his choice for lieutenant governor within seven days of the primary election as the law requires,” said ProgressNow Colorado executive director Ian Silverii. “Thanks to Stapleton’s uniquely bizarre interpretation of Colorado election law, we have no way of knowing if Stapleton has even complied. Did Stapleton truly select a running mate before the deadline? Is he still looking for one right now and lying to voters again? Politically, this delay makes no sense, unless it’s a cover-up—and voters deserve to know the truth.”

“Walker Stapleton’s campaign has been a train wreck from the very beginning, just ask former state GOP chair Dick Wadhams,” said Silverii. “Petition fraud almost derailed his campaign before it began, he refused to take down a false ad after nearly every news outlet called it a lie, and now this, yet another bumbling unforced error. If Stapleton really is having trouble finding a running mate, it’s because every Republican with a brain in this state knows that Stapleton is a walking disaster.”

“It is time for Walker Stapleton to drop this weird charade, and show proof that he followed the law for once in his campaign for governor,” said Silverii. “If he didn’t, it’s just more evidence that, as Dick Wadhams himself says, Stapleton’s campaign is in chaos.”