Thursday, April 12, 2018
CONTACT: Ian SIlverii, Executive Director at [email protected]

DENVER: With news reports from Washington D.C. suggesting that President Donald Trump is preparing to take action to halt the investigation into wrongdoing by his campaign now underway, ProgressNow Colorado, the state’s largest online progressive organization, urgently called for Colorado’s congressional delegation to immediately move to protect Special Counsel Robert Mueller from dismissal before his investigation has concluded.

“Today, our nation is closer than ever to a constitutional crisis,” said ProgressNow Colorado executive director Ian Silverii. “If Trump fires Special Counsel Mueller, or takes other actions meant to disrupt a lawful investigation in alleged criminal acts by the Trump campaign and even Trump personally, it will represent the greatest betrayal of the public trust by a sitting President in American history. By threatening to thwart the investigation into wrongdoing by his own campaign, including possible collusion with a foreign power, Trump is asking Republicans in Congress to place his Presidency above the law. Every Republican in Congress must choose: will you side with Trump over our nation’s most fundamental values?”

ProgressNow Colorado released a sample of hundreds of messages from members demanding Colorado’s congressional delegation take action to protect Mueller and the investigation into Trump:

“Someone who is being investigated for wrongdoing should not be allowed to fire everyone involved in the investigation,” said Suzie in Lafayette. “The principles upon which our country were founded are being tested, and YOU the current Congressional Representatives for we the people need to step up and support those principles. We are counting on you to have integrity and put petty politics aside.”

Belinda in Burlington writes: “This investigation needs to be done correctly and completely. Mr. Mueller is the right man to do it. Trump needs to let him finish the investigation. Trump has said ‘There is no collusion or obstruction.’ If that is true then he has nothing to fear or hide. Let Mueller finish it so we can all know for certain. Not taking Trumps word for anything.”

“Our Republic is at stake, and the silence out of Congress is deafening,” says Nena in Broomfield. “Where is the courage to defend our freedom? Where is the outrage? Protect Mueller now.”

Linda in Montrose: “Any lawmaker who shields Trump from necessary investigation or prosecution is as much of a criminal as he is.”

“Please let Robert Mueller finish his job,” says Patricia in Fort Collins, “then judge his findings for accuracy and proceed accordingly. Are you afraid of the truth?”

“Firing Mueller shouldn’t even be a consideration,” say Doug and Mary in Arvada. “Please remove it as a consideration which could initiate a constitutional crisis for our country.”

“Stand with your country and constitution-not with a man who is impulsive, indecent, dishonest, and who, in all likelihood, is downright corrupt,” says Catherine in Greeley. “Not surprisingly, our country is at a dark crossroads. We expect Congress members to take a clear, assertive role in leading us back to the light. Do the right thing-protect the investigation!”

Ken and Nancy in Evergreen: “The FBI has served the American public well for many decades, being stalwart protectors of the rule of law, and Robert Mueller’s investigation is the latest prominent example. Certainly members of Congress care about preserving the strength that the rule of law has provided our country. This investigation must be carried through, without hindrance, to wherever it leads.”