Last Friday, the Colorado House of Representatives did something incredible.

They expelled a sitting lawmaker for the first time in 103 years. [1]

For years, a culture of sexual harassment without accountability flourished at the Colorado Capitol. Women who work there banded together to warn each other about who to never be caught alone with. Elected officials treated women in ways that are frankly unspeakable.

And then Rep. Faith Winter decided enough is enough.

All over the country, women are fighting back against decades of harassment and denigration at the hands of powerful men. The serial sexual harasser who was expelled from the Colorado House last Friday must not be the last. From Colorado’s halls of power to the White House itself, the work to change our culture and put an end to the harassment and abuse of people, especially women in the workplace is just beginning.

But we will change—for the better. The hard lessons our nation is being forced to learn after Donald Trump’s election are making a difference. We will emerge from the Trump presidency a better nation, just not for the reasons Trump thinks. We will be better despite him.

In that spirit, find a way to take action for the week of March 5:

Colorado People’s Alliance: American Dream Becomes a Nightmare

With the Trump-mandated deadline to end DACA rapidly approaching, March 5 is the day that we say Enough is Enough. We will tell Trump and Congress that immigrant youth are not political pawns, they are human beings and we are coming together to defend them and their families from this Administration’s deportation force.

Where: 1961 Stout St, Denver
When: Monday, March 5 at 5:00pm

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Screening of “Care in Chaos” with Rewire’s Jessica Pieklo

Join Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, NARAL and the ACLU for this screening of the documentary “Care in Chaos.”

Where: Downtown Colorado Springs (RSVP for location)
When: Monday, March 5 at 7:00pm

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The Denver Press Club: We Are Parkland

After Parkland, we’ve been hearing from Florida teenagers. Here’s a chance to listen to Colorado’s. Colorado high school students weren’t even born when Columbine happened. To them, school shootings are a way of life. How are they covering school security in their high school newspapers? What are the headlines? Do they feel safe? What would make them safe?

Where: The Denver Press Club, 1330 Glenarm Pl, Denver
When: Tuesday, March 6 at 5:30pm

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Reproductive Freedom Lobby Day!

Join Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado, Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity and Reproductive Rights, Boulder Valley Women’s Health, Colorado Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, the Freedom Fund, AAUW, NCJW – Colorado Section and the ACLU of Colorado as we join forces to fight for abortion and birth control access!

Where: Colorado State Capitol, 200 E Colfax Ave, Denver
When: Wednesday, March 7 at 8:00am

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Women’s Lobby of Colorado: #MeToo Policies and How We Can Support Them

Women’s Lobby of Colorado is hosting this discussion with our lobby team, legislators and leaders of our survivors of sexual assault advocacy community. There will be light appetizers served.

Where: The Spring Café, 1373 Grant St, Denver
When: Wednesday, March 7 at 5:30pm

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Repro Rights Roadshow—Denver

JOIN US to learn how the Colorado Reproductive Health Rights and Justice Coalition is working to preserve and strengthen reproductive rights in Colorado. We’ll talk about what’s going on at the Capitol and how you can help. We also want to hear from you! Tell us what’s happening in your schools and community and how we can help make your community and the state of Colorado a leader in Reproductive Rights.

Where: Woodbury Branch Library, 3265 Federal Blvd, Denver
When: Thursday, March 8 at 5:30pm

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Alliance to Reclaim our Schools Colorado: The Illusion of School Choice

The Alliance to Reclaim our Schools Colorado and the Caucus of Today’s Teachers present a community forum to discuss the inequities of our education system and the damage that corporate reforms have inflicted on our communities. This event is open to the Denver Metro community, including neighboring districts.

Where: Abraham Lincoln High School, 2285 S Federal Blvd, Denver
When: Thursday, March 8 at 5:30pm

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Fighting Ageism and More in 2018!

We’ll start at 5:30 with refreshments and networking, then kickoff a discussion of what you’d like to see in 2018. At 6:15, you’ll hear about a groundbreaking initiative that is going to be happening locally and nationally to shift perceptions about aging and to fight ageism, and how you can be involved. Then we’ll be doing a workshop from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. about key concepts and messaging, what to say (and what not to) and how you can become part of identifying and fighting ageism.

Where: Daniels Fund, 101 Monroe St, Denver
When: Thursday, March 8 at 5:30pm

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International Womxn’s Day Celebration and Open Mic

Celebrate International Womxn’s Day with us at Bellwether on Colfax. The event will start with a brief talk on the revolutionary history of International Womxn’s Day. This will be followed by an open mic featuring performances of all kinds – comedy, poetry, music – anything!

Where: Bellwether, 5126 E. Colfax Avenue, Denver
When: Thursday, March 8 at 7:00pm

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Denver Human Services: Community Network Meeting: Services for Immigrants and Refugees

Join us for our next Community Network Meeting on Friday, March 9, 2018. We will be sharing resources available for immigrants and refugees. The presentation line up is still being confirmed, however, we hope to have representatives from the Denver City Attorney’s Office, Rocky Mountain Immigrant Advocacy Network, and more!

Where: Denver Human Service Building-East, 3815 Steele St, Denver
When: Friday, March 9 at 8:30am

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Colorado People’s Action: Movement Politics Candidate Training

Are you planning on running for office? Do you what to help support someone running for office?Join CPA to build skills as a candidate and transform the way in which we engage with politics and the political system and work with and keep our Representatives accountable.

¿Está planeando postularse para una oficina? ¿Quiere apoyar a alguien que se postula para un cargo? Únase a CPA para desarrollar habilidades como candidato y transformar la forma en que involucramos con la política y el sistema político y trabajar con nuestros Representantes y mantenerlos responsables.

Where: 14707 E 2nd Ave, Aurora (Suite 100)
When: Saturday, March 10 at 10:00am

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Asian Pacific Development Center: Know Your Rights Workshop

APDC’s Know Your Rights workshops are designed educate and equip participants with need-to-know information: What do I do (and not do) when interacting with police? What can I do to protect myself when dealing with immigration enforcement? What can I do if I may have experienced wage theft? Additional modules are available addressing hate crimes or renters rights. Participants will have a chance to share their stories and experiences with APDC, or the group, if they would like. Each workshop is a space to learn how to protect yourself, your family, and your community!

Where: Asian Pacific Development Center, 1537 Alton St, Aurora
When: Saturday, March 10 at 10:30am

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Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition: What Are Our Rights? ¿Cuáles Son Tus Derechos?

Comprendiendo y Protegiendo los Derechos de los Inmigrantes, las Mujeres, y los Trabajadores/Understanding and Protecting Workers’, Women’s, and Immigrant Rights.

Where: Asian Pacific Development Center, 1537 Alton St, Aurora
When: Saturday, March 10 at 12:30pm

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Kick Off Potluck – Colorado Labor Education and Art Collaborative

Colorado Labor Community! Join us for a Launch Celebration and Potluck for the Colorado Labor Education and Arts Collaborative (CLEAC) AND Student Labor Action Project (SLAP). Students and Faculty in UCD’s Political Science Department invite workers, organizers, union members, students, and educators across Colorado to this new network whose mission is to support and create arts-based events that educate the public about labor history and support current labor struggles.

Where: Multi-Cultural Lounge, Tivoli Student Union, Auraria Campus, Denver
When: Saturday, March 10 at 4:00pm

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Colorado Latino Advocacy Day 2018

Don’t forget to Save the Date for LAD’s (Latino/a Advocacy Day) 12th year anniversary! Join us Sunday, March 11th and Monday, March 12th. Political power starts with YOU! This two-day program provides advocacy trainings and briefings on policy issues that most impact Latinos in Colorado. Over 200 Latinxs from across Colorado are expected at LAD this year. TWO HUNDRED policy advocates swarming the State Capitol to demand change for our communities. Imagine that!

Where: Colorado State Capitol, 200 E Colfax Ave, Denver
When: Sunday, March 11 – Monday, March 12

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Warm Cookies of the Revolution: Netflix & Chill (With Strangers!): “If A Tree Falls”

You bring a pillow and we’ll bring the popcorn, candy, and drinks. We’ll watch this incredible documentary that explores the effectiveness and limits of activism, as well as who we label “terrorist” and why, then talk about our own connection to these issues.

Where: McNichols Civic Center Building, 144 West Colfax Ave, Denver
When: Sunday, March 11 at 11:00am

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Thanks again! We’re grateful for everything you do, and we’ll see you next week with more ways to make a difference.