Beginning last fall, many people who work at the Colorado State Capitol have come forward to tell their stories of sexual harassment by lawmakers in both parties.

Tomorrow, members of the Colorado House of Representatives will vote on a resolution to expel Representative Steve Lebsock, a Democrat accused of harassment by five women. An independent investigation into Rep. Lebsock’s behavior by an outside investigator found each and every one of the eleven allegations against Lebsock credible.

Call your Colorado House member right now at 303-866-2904. Tell them that harassment is unacceptable in any workplace. Urge them to stand with the women who have bravely spoken out. Ask them to vote yes on the resolution to expel Representative Steve Lebsock.

Rep. Lebsock’s defense appears to be that all five of these women are lying, and that each of the eleven specific allegations against him are not true. Rep. Lebsock has retaliated and sought to publicly shame his accusers. His denials and retaliatory behavior toward the women who bravely came forward are further prove he is not fit to serve in the legislature.

We believe the women who have bravely shared their stories. We believed Rep. Faith Winter when she spoke out and immediately called for Rep. Lebsock’s resignation. As more and more courageous women came forward, it became extremely clear—Rep. Lebsock must be removed from the chamber.

Thank you for helping us put a stop to sexual harassment—no matter who commits it.