This weekend, the U.S. Senate voted to hurt millions of Americans.

Most likely, you’re one of them.

The so-called “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” isn’t about tax cuts or jobs for America’s middle class. Study after study has shown that the benefits of this legislation will overwhelmingly go to the richest 1% of Americans. Meanwhile, middle-class families making less than $100,000 per year will see almost no benefit—and by 2027, millions of middle and lower income Americans could actually pay more in taxes than they do today.

And in a year or two when the massive deficits these tax cuts for the wealthy create have to be paid for, it’s the institutions the middle class relies on like Social Security and Medicare that will be on the chopping block. There is no “upside” to the GOP tax scam. For most Americans it’s a lose-lose proposition.

Rep. Mike Coffman has one more chance to stop this terrible legislation. Although Rep. Coffman promised on the campaign last year to “stand up to Trump,” Coffman voted for the tax scam in the House. What’s more, Coffman has been a leading proponent of the false claim that the huge losses in revenue from tax breaks for the richest Americans will be “made up for” by economic growth. Unfortunately, Coffman isn’t listening to the experts who know that’s not true. Rep. Coffman is even keeping his offices locked up to prevent constituents from making their voices heard.

Priority #1 this week: join us at Rep. Coffman’s office in Aurora tomorrow as Coloradans reach out one last time to appeal for Coffman to vote against the final version of the GOP tax scam. Because Coffman refuses to open his offices, there will be pens and Post-It notes for you to leave a message on the glass entry doors outside Coffman’s office—a message Coffman’s staff won’t have a choice but to see.

What: Tell Mike Coffman: Reject the GOP #TaxScam
Where: 3300 S Parker Rd, Aurora
When: Tuesday, December 5 from 9:00am – 1:00pm

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Thank you. Here are more ways to take action for the week of December 4th:

Tipton: Listen To DREAMers

AJUA invites you to be part of a rally and candle-light vigil, Tuesday December 5th, 2017, as part of a National Day of Action calling on Congressman Scott Tipton to act and vote for a #CleanDreamAct! We will gather in the Glenwood Springs High School parking lot closest to Grand Avenue. Please wear white shirts in support of our #DREAMERS around the nation.

Where: Glenwood Springs High School, 1521 Grand Ave, Glenwood Springs
When: Tuesday, December 5 at 5:00pm

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350 Denver Gathering and Move Your Money Forum

Divestment is an empowering and effective tool to fight climate change that can be implemented by any individual or institution with a bank account or investments. If you are concerned about where your money is invested, what you are supporting with your credit card, or just don’t know where to begin, we hope you can make this meeting. In addition to helpful resources you can take home to start your divestment process, we will hear from Molly Chafetz. Molly leads the digital marketing strategy and coordinates other business development and programs for the Green Century Fund, a fossil free nonprofit mutual fund. She also spent nearly a decade working with the Public Interest Network.

Where: Highlands United Methodist Church 3131 Osceola St, Denver
When: Tuesday, December 5 at 6:00pm

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Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition: Phone Bank for Clean DREAM Act

3 months have passed since #DACA has been terminated and Congress has a real opportunity to act and pass a #CleanDreamAct now. It is urgent that we organize and that we get our community including students, parents, teachers, etc to phone bank our representatives so they hear from us, their constituents, a clear message that we are#HereToStay and that we need a Clean DREAM Act to pass. Join us at the ACLU offices at 303 E 17th Ave, Denver, CO 80203t Suite 350 to phone bank with us. There will be food!

Where: 303 E 17th Ave, Denver
When: Wednesday, December 6 at 12:00pm

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Why I Had to Leave: Elmer’s Story

Come hear Elmer Pena’s story about why he had to leave El Salvador and how, 16 years later, he has taken sanctuary in Colorado Springs. Professor Edgar Cota-Torres from UCCS and immigration attorney Stephanie Izaguirre will provide information on the impact of U.S. foreign policy and immigration policy on Central America.

Where: All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church (ASUUC), 730 N Tejon St, Colorado Springs
When: Wednesday, December 6 at 6:00pm

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Forced Pooling…what is it and how do we make reform?

Local communities are being faced with the decision of leasing mineral rights or face “forced pooling” by the oil and gas industry. Learn about the current law and efforts toward reform through potential legislation. Conservation Colorado will join us and Nicole Johnston will provide an update of current and pending oil and gas applications in Aurora.

Where: Adonea Club, 99 N. Newbern Way, Aurora
When: Wednesday, December 6 at 6:30pm

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Protest at Verizon stores for Net Neutrality

The new chairman of the FCC was a top lawyer at Verizon. Now he’s calling for a vote to kill net neutrality. We’re protesting at retail stores across the U.S. to demand that Congress stop Verizon’s FCC from destroying the Internet as we know it.

Where: Verizon Retail Stores, Nationwide
When: Thursday, December 7 at 12:00pm

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Warm Cookies of the Revolution: Colorado Gives (A Damn) Days: How to support community every day

This is two days after “Colorado Gives Day” (which we are happily taking part in. Please support us and other wonderful organizations on December 5th.) Monetary support is a necessity in today’s world but is it the end all? Is it the highest form of support? The easiest? Tonight we’ll challenge you with a Task Party (just show up and see what we mean-essentially: “take a task, complete the task, write a task for someone else, repeat.” ) and expose you to ways to save the community center without having to breakdance so hard!

Where: McNichols Building, 144 W Colfax Ave, Denver
When: Thursday, December 7 at 6:00pm

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Dream Act NOW Colorado Speak Out

Over 3 months have passed since #DACA has been terminated and Congress has a real opportunity to act and pass a #CleanDreamAct. Join us as we demand leadership from our Colorado MOC’s to stand up for immigrant youth. Speak up to pass a clean dream act now because every day that passes, immigrant youth are losing work permits & protection from deportation.

Where: St. Cajetans, Auraria Campus, 1200 Ninth St., Denver
When: Friday, December 8 at 10:00am

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A Night for the CU Denver DREAMers

In response to the troubling news of the cancellation of the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program, the Political Science Department at CU Denver is committed to supporting DREAMers as they continue to pursue higher education. We have identified DACAmented students who have been active with their community and who wish to join our Political Science Masters’ program in Civil Leadership and Community Organizing in the Fall of 2018.

Where: ReCreative Denver, 765 Santa Fe Drive, Denver
When: Friday, December 8 at 6:00pm

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Transgender Day of Remembrance Fundraiser

We lose at least 1 Transgender person a month to hatred, suicide, and trans phobia. Come help up celebrate the lives lost & help raise money for the Transformative Freedom Fund. This show is packed with amazing performers from Local Queen LaShay DiMarco, to Colorado Springs & FoCo performers. This is going to be a show you don’t want to miss Emcee’d by Onyx Steele & Hosted by Chance Be Tranz.

Where: Denver Wrangler, 3090 Downing St, Denver
When: Friday, December 8 at 8:00pm

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Save the Internet, Stand up for Net Neutrality

Ajit Pai and the Trump administration are slated to vote on net neutrality next month. Net neutrality essentially makes it a rule that all websites should load at the same speed and not be blocked; getting rid of net neutrality means that internet service providers can decide which sites you can visit, how fast certain sites load, and if you have to pay more in order to load faster or go to certain sites. Essentially it destroys the idea of an open internet. It is time to take a stand and rally in person to save the freedom of information, and bring it to Skyline Park, outside Verizon and AT&T’s front door.

Where: Skyline Park, 17th And Arpahoe St, Denver
When: Saturday, December 9 at 1:00pm

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Sandy Hook Remembrance Vigil

Join us as we remember the victims, 5 years after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut.

Where: Be3 Dinner Church, 1195 Newport St, Denver
When: Sunday, December 10 at 4:00pm

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Fighting back against the powerful requires persistence, and sometimes the bad guys are able to accomplish bad things despite our best efforts. What gives me hope is the courage I see in Coloradans week after week as you tirelessly push back against Trump and the far-right agenda. Even as we accept inevitable setbacks today, we know it won’t last forever. Accountability is coming in the new year, and you will be there when it happens.

Thanks again.