Trump can’t repeal the Affordable Care Act. So he’s trying to destroy health reform piece by piece.

Last Friday, Trump issued a new rule that allows essentially any employer to refuse coverage for contraception if they have a “religious objection” to birth control. [1] This move will allow many more private employers to unjustly force their religious views on their employees. It’s the wrong decision for women and every American who values personal liberty like Trump claims he does.

Fortunately, attorneys general across the nation are not taking this threat to women’s health lying down. California Attorney General Xavier Becerra has promised swift action in response to Trump’s directive on contraception. But he’ll need help.

Priority #1: call Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman right now at 720-508-6000, and urge her to fight back against Trump to defend contraceptive coverage.

Once that’s done, this upcoming week is loaded with great ways to take action in support of our shared progressive values:

CIRC Action Fund 6th Congressional District Candidate Forum

On October 9th, residents of Colorado’s Sixth Congressional District will have the opportunity to meet the candidates running to represent them and hear their positions on the issues that matter most to our community. The candidates will have a conversation about topics like how to balance the economy with the health and safety of our community, immigrant rights, education, renewable energy, recent votes in Congress, and how to strengthen democracy, followed by an opportunity for the audience to ask questions.

El 9 de Octubre los residentes del Sexto Distrito de Colorado tendran la oportunidad de conocer a los candidatos que se postulan para representarlos y escuchar sus opiniones sobre los asuntos mas importantes para nuestra comunidad. Los candidatos tendran una conversación sobre temas como balancear la economia con la salud y seguridad de nuestra comunidad, derechos de inmigrantes, educacion, energia renovable, votaciones recientes en el congreso y como fortalecer la democracia, seguido por una oportunidad para que la audiencia pueda hacer preguntas.

Where: Dry Dock Brewing Company, 15120 E Hampden Ave, Aurora
When: Monday, October 9 at 6:30pm

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Giving Light to Puerto Rico Fundraiser

Puerto Rico has been devastated by hurricane Maria and needs your help. We’ve brought together leaders of the Puerto Rican community in Denver as well as business owners to help raise money to purchase Solar Lanterns to donate to Puerto Rican homes as they restore electricity throughout the island. Restoring light in PR can take from 6 months to a year. We would love everyone to particpate on Oct 10th at Sloans Tap and Burger by coming in and having lunch or dinner. This will be Puerto Rican food prepared by our community in Denver. 100% of the sales go to the effort.

Where: Sloan’s Lake Tap and Burger, 1565 N.Raleigh St Unit 100, Denver
When: Tuesday, October 10 at 11:00am

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Who Represents Us?

How can we achieve a more equitable society? What can we do in Colorado to make sure our representatives reflect the communities they come from? Join us as we review specific and actionable steps to effect change in Colorado in 2017, 2018, and beyond!

Where: 2600 Leyden St, Denver
When: Tuesday, October 10 at 6:00pm

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House Speaker Crisanta Duran: Town Hall on CO’s Population Growth & Where We Go From Here

We want to hear from you! While growth has led to many benefits such as low unemployment and good jobs for Coloradans, we need to take on the challenges that come with this growth. Whether it is skyrocketing housing costs, dealing with the high cost of living, or being stuck on the highway for hours during rush hour, we can and must do more to address these issues.

Where: GALS Denver, 750 Galapago St, Denver
When: Tuesday, October 10 at 7:00pm

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Longmont ROAR: Stand with us in solidarity at City Council

The city is actively planning drill sites at Union Reservoir with Cub Creek drilling company. At the same time, drilling companies are filing paperwork to drill from Arapaho to Baseline along WCR1 and from Oxford to Quail along WCR1. Additional wells are planned along 287 up to Oxford Road. No full plans are available yet, but this number of wells will drastically increase our air pollution, area travel, and for those on the South and East edges of town, additional noise causing sleepless nights and smells of toxic chemicals that may harm your health.

Where: City of Longmont Civic Center, 350 Kimbark St, Longmont
When: Tuesday, October 10 at 7:00pm

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National Disservice: How Student Loan Servicers Harm Coloradans

If you’re interested in the student debt crisis and its effects on you, your friends and family, and our state’s economy, join us on October 11th to find out what you personally can do to stop unfair practices hurting student borrowers. The Bell Policy Center, Young Invincibles, and New Era invite you to join us for a panel discussion on student loan servicing and important information about how YOU can get involved in protecting students in Colorado. Panelists will share unique insights on what’s happening with loan servicers at the federal level and how this impacts Coloradans. They will also discuss ways for you to get involved and fight back against predatory practices creating more student debt in Colorado.

Where: Coffee at The Point, 710 E 26th Ave, Denver
When: Wednesday, October 11 at 6:00pm

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Public hearing on Black Hills rates

The administrative judge reviewing Black Hills Energy’s request for electric rate adjustments will take testimony from Pueblo residents at a public hearing at the 4-H auditorium at the Colorado State Fairgrounds on Oct. 12.

Where: Colorado State Fair, 1001 Beulah Ave, Pueblo
When: Thursday, October 12 at 4:00pm

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SDC Jamboree-Colorado Progressives Crowd Sourcing for Change

A small donor committee is a Colorado political entity that can accept a maximum of $50/year per person and enables small donors to crowd source their funds with other like minded people, to have a larger impact on political races. An SDC can contribute larger amounts to candidates than individuals or other types of political committees. The SDC Jamboree will give you a chance to meet each SDC, learn more about their work and the kind of candidates they support and of course, contribute!

Where: 999 Vallejo St, Denver
When: Friday, October 13 at 6:00pm

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Warm Cookies of the Revolution: Netflix and Chill (For Reel. With Strangers!)

On Friday, October the 13th, it’s the 1984 film RED DAWN, which is much scarier than a guy in a hockey mask: it’s what scares Americans the most—foreign invasion, commies, and high school! After, we’ll discuss the movie’s implications for today’s world and how watching a movie might be able to spur us to action.

Where: McNichols Building, 144 W Colfax Ave, Denver, Colorado 80202
When: Friday, October 13 at 6:00pm

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One Colorado: 2017 Western Slope Ally Awards

The event will be a cocktail reception on what is sure to be a lovely fall evening and will culminate with an awards ceremony accompanied by a cash bar, and heavy stationed hors d’oeuvres. Thanks to U.S. Bank and Colorado Mesa University for their generous support and for making this night a reality!

Where: Colorado Mesa University, 1100 North Ave, Grand Junction
When: Friday, October 13 at 6:00pm

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Nationwide Solidarity March for Peace – Denver, Colorado

Nationwide Solidarity March for Peace will be a day for people to come together to share their love and compassion to call out the hatred and violence that is taking place in our society. This is a day for people of all political and religious affiliations, ethnicities, genders, sexualities, disabilities, ages and every other aspect of a human being.

Where: Confluence Park, 2200 15th St, Denver
When: Saturday, October 14 at 9:30am

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One Colorado: Know Your Health, Know Your Rights Grand Junction

We know lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) Coloradans and their families face unique physical and mental health barriers. One Colorado is hosting an event in Grand Junction to dig deeper into the landscape of LGBTQ health in the state, provide tools for self-advocacy in healthcare settings, and talk with community members to learn more about local issues in accessing care.

Where: Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Grand Valley, 536 Ouray Ave, Grand Junction
When: Saturday, October 14 at 11:00am

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39th Annual Tribute to Black Women Luncheon

Colorado Black Women for Political Action (CBWPA) is 40 years old and we will celebrate this year by honoring 4 women who have had a significant impact on our community!

Where: Renaissance Denver Stapleton Hotel, 3801 Quebec St, Denver
When: Saturday, October 14 at 11:30am

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Unity Of All Nations

As people from all over the globe came to Standing Rock last year, to stand up for our rights to clean water, this group of community leaders and community members continue that fight today.

Where: Confluence Park, 2200 15TH St, Denver
When: Saturday, October 14 at 3:30pm

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Nonviolent Direct Action (NVDA) Training

MoveOn Front Range and Indivisible Front Range Resistance are holding two trainings on Nonviolent Direct Action (NVDA). The trainings will include information and history about nonviolence, de-escalation practices, protestor roles in NVDA, affinity groups, and role plays. An ACLU representative will alsp be on hand to deliver a segment on protestor rights and legal issues and answer questions.

Where: Louisville Alfalfa’s Community Room – 785 E South Boulder Rd, Louisville
When: Sunday, October 15 at 1:00pm

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Gender Identity Center of Colorado Fall Festival

Join us for fall fun at our annual Fall Festival! This family friendly FREE event will include vendor booths, refreshments, and a chance to connect to the community! Costumes are encouraged, but not required!

Where: Gender Identity Center of Colorado, 120 Bryant St., Denver
When: Sunday, October 15 at 1:00pm

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Thanks to everyone who has found this weekly roundup of upcoming events in Colorado useful! We’re grateful for your continued support and your persistence turning out all year to fight back against Trump and the far-right agenda. It is critically important. It is working. And in the end, we are going to prevail. In the meantime, we’re proud to fight with you every day.