Friday, October 6, 2017
CONTACT: Taylor Holden, ProgressNow Colorado at [email protected]

DENVER: Following the Trump administration’s decision to roll back federal requirements that employers include birth control coverage in their health insurance plans, a move that expands exemptions for those that cite moral or religious objections at the expense of the health of hundreds of thousands of women, ProgressNow Colorado, the state’s largest online progressive advocacy organization, released the following statement:

“More than 55 million women have access to birth control without co-payments because of the contraceptive coverage mandate in the Affordable Care Act. This move may cost hundreds of thousands of women birth control they currently receive at no cost, forcing some of them to make choices between paying for preventive care like contraceptives and paying their rent, their mortgage, electric bill,” said ProgressNow Colorado Development Director Taylor Holden.

“Affordable contraception for women saves lives,” said Holden. “It prevents pregnancies. It improves maternal mortality. It does not, as the Trump administration is claiming, lead to ‘risky sexual behavior.’ Furthermore, it’s not 1950.”

“These things are connected,” Holden continued. “The Trump administration and Education Secretary DeVos rolled back Title IX regulations intended to curtail sexual assault on college campuses and provide support and legal recourse to survivors. Republicans brought forth a health care bill that treated sexual assault and rape as a pre-existing condition, which would have driven up premiums for women seeking care and potentially cost them access to care altogether. The Trump administration ended the requirement that large companies report to the government what they pay employees by race and gender, a rule that aimed to close the gender wage gap. Republicans are doing everything they can to limit access to abortion, which is health care and a constitutional right. And now they’re coming for access to contraception.”

“This has to stop. ProgressNow Colorado will make sure Coloradans know what conservatives and Trump are up to, the irreparable damage they’re seeking to do to women’s health and rights, and, in the meantime, wish the Trump administration the best of luck in impending litigation.”