Thursday, September 21, 2017
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DENVER: As the Republican-controlled U.S. Senate prepares to vote on legislation that would devastate access to maternity care, abortion services, and other essential health benefits for millions of women, ProgressNow Colorado, the state’s largest online progressive advocacy organization, released a powerful new ad aimed at digital and social media on the grave safety risks women face when their access to abortion is diminished.

“Women are forced into unsafe and sometimes deadly choices to end a pregnancy when our constitutional right to abortion isn’t accessible,” said Taylor Holden of ProgressNow Colorado. “Fifty years ago, Colorado became the first state to pass a law liberalizing access to abortion, six years before the landmark Roe v. Wade decision defined women’s abortion rights across the nation. Unfortunately, the extremist campaign to roll back abortion rights in America has never been closer to succeeding. The number of women who live in states that don’t respect abortion rights, where access to maternity care, essential health benefits, comprehensive sex education, and contraception are being attacked simultaneously, is growing. Graham-Cassidy is the next front in this assault on women’s rights. We know—from the time before Roe, and in the time since as abortion access has been attacked—that the objects in this video have been used as a last resort for women seeking the care to which they have a constitutional right.”

“Objects” depicts a series of common household items: a jar of ground cinnamon, a bottle of bleach, a catheter tube, a jar of lye, a bag of henna, a crochet hook, a “brass knuckle,” and finally a coat hanger—all of which, devastatingly, have been used by women to self-induce abortions when their access to clinics and physicians is limited. The ad concludes with a simple message: “When it’s legal, it’s safe. When it’s not, it’s not.”

“Diminishing access to abortion services doesn’t make abortion disappear; it makes an otherwise safe and constitutionally protected health care option unsafe,” said Holden. “With politicians in Washington preparing to destroy reproductive care options for women, it’s time for every American to understand clearly what women have been forced to choose as an alternative. These choices have been horrific.”

“Now is not the time to look away from this harsh reality,” said Holden. “Now is the time to be outraged. Now is the time to fight back for our fundamental rights.”