What you can do to fight back this week (September 5)

This morning, the Trump administration announced a decision that could result in the deportation of 800,000 “Dreamers”—17,000 of them right here in Colorado—who call America home and are Americans in every sense of the word that matters. Democrats, and even some Republicans like Rep. Mike Coffman in Colorado have called for protecting undocumented immigrants who came to the United States as children, yet today Trump’s attorney general insulted them and perpetuated the racist lie that immigrants have stolen jobs from the rest of us.

This isn’t about executive orders or dense arguments about the legislative process—not when Congress has refused to deal with this issue for years, not when leaders like Colorado’s Sen. Michael Bennet fought to pass comprehensive immigration reform in 2013, only to see it stopped cold in the Republican-controlled House. Today, the only thing that matters is the shame in deporting 800,000 people brought here as children who are our friends and neighbors and valuable members of our communities.

We’re better than this. The American dream doesn’t exist without Dreamers.

Priority #1 today: show up for Dreamers. Tell key Republican lawmakers including Sen. Cory Gardner of Colorado they must act now to protect thousands of people in Colorado. Make your voice heard and then share the Dream Act Toolkit with your friends.

Contact Sen. Gardner directly by calling (202) 224-5941.

There is a rally taking place TODAY until 2:30pm on Denver’s Auraria Campus to demand a permanent legislative solution for Dreamers. Get more information here.

Once you’ve taken this critical action, here are more ways to fight back for the week of September 5th:

Senator Gardner Office Visit as August Recess Ends

Congress returns to session on September 5. Senator Gardner will be back in DC, ready to cast more votes as our statewide representative. Let’s visit his Denver office on day 1 and share our concerns. Meet out front of the building (picture above is the front of the building) and we will walk in together. Our topic will likely focus on whether or not the senator has read the DREAM Act of 2017.

Where: 721 19th Street, Suite 150 Denver
When: Tuesday, September 5 at 1:00pm

Click here to RSVP.


Press Conference and a Rally to Defend DACA and the immigrant community. DACAmented youth, professionals, and all immigrants have the right to be treated like equal human beings, and nothing less.

Where: Acacia Park, 115 E Platte Ave, Colorado Springs
When: Tuesday, September 5 at 4:00pm

Click here to RSVP.

Denver Moves: Pedestrians and Trails Public Meeting

As a part of Denver Moves: Pedestrians and Trails, the City and County of Denver is hosting a second round of public meetings in August and September in five locations throughout Denver to discuss priority pedestrian and trail improvement projects that address the needs and community values identified during previous public outreach in October 2016. This second round of public meetings and outreach will also be an opportunity to examine costs, funding options and policies required to achieve the community’s vision for a walkable Denver and a world-class trail system.

Where: Skinner Middle School, 3435 W 40th Ave, Denver
When: Tuesday, September 5 at 5:30pm

Click here to RSVP.

One Colorado Call Night

Join us at the One Colorado office to call our supporters about LGBTQ equality!

Where: One Colorado’s office, 1490 Lafayette St. Suite 304, Denve
When: September 5th at 6:00pm

Click here to RSVP.

Alliance for a Sustainable Colorado Conscious Cocktails

Monthly networking event at The #AllianceCenter! No RSVP required, come on in.

Where: The Alliance Center, 1st Floor Event Space, 1536 Wynkoop Street, Denver
When: Thursday, September 7 at 5:30pm

28th Annual Friendship Powwow

The Annual Friendship Powwow and American Indian Cultural Celebration is one of the Denver Art Museum’s longest-running events. It is a celebration of the vitality of American Indian cultures. Throughout the day, watch colorful dance competitions, participate with local artists in hands-on activities, and enjoy your first (or 101st!) piece of fry bread. Also, don’t miss the American Indian art collection on levels two and three of the North Building.

Where: Denver Art Museum, 100 W 14th Ave Pkwy, Denver
When: Saturday, September 9 at 10:30am

Click here to RSVP.

Unity Of All Nations

There has been a nation wide call out to stop Energy Transfer Partners. This day almost marks the same day that Colorado and surrounding areas came together in solidarity for Standing Rock. We came together to stand up and fight for “the people,” our future and our water. Since that date, there have been many calls out for solidarity that many of us have answered to. There has also been much needed unity as our nation becomes more and more unstable with a leader whose interest only is for himself and his pockets!

Where: Confluence Park, Denver
When: Saturday, September 5 at 2:30pm

Click here to RSVP.

Volunteer with One Colorado at Boulder Pridefest!

Flip-flops. Shades. Farmer’s tan. Oh my! Pride season must be here! Pull on a One Colorado t-shirt, sign up new supporters of LGBTQ equality, and join in the fun this summer. Come join One Colorado at Boulder Pride!

Where: Boulder Central Park 1236 Canyon Blvd, Boulder
When: Sunday, September 10 at 10:30am

Click here to RSVP.

Thanks for all your work to protect the values that make America great. We’re proud to fight alongside you.