More Ways to Help Folks in Texas

The devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey along the Texas coast, including the nation’s fourth-largest city, is only just now starting to become clear. Thousands of our neighbors in Texas are still waiting to be rescued from flooded homes, while many thousands more face the loss of everything they have spent their lives working for—homes, possessions, and in a growing number of tragic cases, family members and loved ones.

The need for relief in Houston and along the Texas coast is enormous. We’ve received lots of feedback from our members recommending more ways to help victims of Hurricane Harvey—in particular how to help specific communities and others who might not have access to assistance. Take a moment right now to visit some of these important relief agencies and charities to make a difference where it’s needed most:

Texas Organizing Project: Hurricane Harvey Community Relief Fund

“Rebuilding in areas impacted by Harvey will be most challenging for marginalized communities. Nearly a quarter of Houstonians live in poverty, approximately 550,000 people, and there are about 575,000 immigrants in the Houston metro area. We will work to ensure that Harvey’s most vulnerable victims have access to critical services from first response and basic needs to healthcare, housing and transportation.”

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Greater Houston Community Foundation Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

“After receiving an overwhelming number of inquiries from citizens and companies who want to help, Mayor Sylvester Turner has established the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund that will accept tax deductible flood relief donations for victims that have been affected by the recent floods.”

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Center for Disaster Philanthropy Hurricane Harvey recovery

“In response to the storm, and projected significant flooding that will hit Texas and parts of Louisiana, the CDP Hurricane Harvey Recovery Fund will drive support for medium- and long-term recovery needs that will arise in the weeks and months to come. We expect the long-term needs to be rebuilding homes, businesses, infrastructure, meeting the needs of young children, supporting mental health needs, and boosting damaged agricultural sectors.”

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Living Hope Wheelchair Association

“Living Hope Wheelchair Association serves populations with spinal cord injuries and other disabilities. The organization has been conducting direct rescues since the hurricane made landfall.”

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The Black Women’s Defense League

“A Dallas-based organization that is working with Houston activists to determine what underserved communities need.”

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Partnership for Inclusive Disaster Strategies Hurricane Harvey Disability Hotline

“Hurricane Harvey has wreaked havoc over the east coast of Texas and isn’t going to let up anytime soon, the Partnership has set up a hotline (800) 626-4959 to refer people with disabilities who may be in the affected areas to locate services and resources they may need.”

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SHAPE Community Center

“Since the storm made landfall in Texas, SHAPE has mobilized to help the people of Houston stay safe and find shelter.”

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The Homeless PERIOD Project ATX

“Homeless Period Project of Austin is working to distribute tampons, pads and other menstrual related items to homeless folks and those displaced by the storm.”

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Transgender Foundation of America Houston

“The organization has created a relief fund that will assist Gulf Coast trans, intersex, and genderqueer survivors recover from this disaster.”

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Corazon Ministries

“Corazon Ministries is the church that rescued and houses 50 immigrants that ICE Homeland Security abandoned in the middle of the hurricane. They continue to aid relief. They’re able to make a hot nutritious meal for 60 cents.”

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Thank you for your support for our fellow Americans in this time of great need.