After breaking every promise he made to protect health care for Coloradans, Sen. Cory Gardner is holding another so-called “telephone town hall” tonight at 7:05PM Mountain Time. Gardner remains the only Colorado federal elected official who has not held a single in-person public event since Donald Trump became President.

The only question anyone should ask until we get a clear answer from Cory Gardner is, “Senator, why won’t you face your constituents in a real town hall?” Click here to sign up now.

There was a time when Coloradans thought Cory Gardner was on our side. Earlier this year, Gardner joined with moderate Senators to call for the protection of Medicaid patients, and he claimed over and over that he would never support the repeal of the Affordable Care Act without a functional replacement in hand.

But Gardner lied to us. He abandoned all of those promises and voted for health care repeal bills that failed to protect Medicaid patients—and even voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act without any replacement. When push came to shove, Cory Gardner’s promises meant nothing.

Tonight, you have a chance to hold Gardner accountable. Gardner has already failed us on health care, so it’s time to demand he show his face in person to explain himself and apologize for breaking his promises. Sign up for Gardner’s conference call tonight—and demand he stop hiding from the voters of Colorado while he votes to hurt us. Don’t wait, the deadline to participate is one hour before the call begins.

Thanks for taking action on short notice. Cory Gardner is only pretending to be accountable by holding these telephone “town halls.” It’s up to us to make sure Gardner understands that this is not good enough.

Democracy should never have a mute button.