House Bill 1187 would let voters decide if they want to put more money into their schools, transportation, and healthcare.

TABOR, the Taxpayer Bill of Rights in Colorado, includes a provision that limits revenue growth to the rate of consumer inflation plus population each year. It’s an awful way to calculate a rate and directly impacts the government’s ability to properly fund basic functions like our schools, roads, and hospitals.

As budget experts have noted:

HB 17-1187 ensures that the growth in government is measured by a five-year average of personal income, an accurate measure of economic growth but also one that avoids sudden spikes or drops in revenue. This change will require that government growth be limited by actual economic growth, instead of an arbitrary measure of consumer spending, and allow policymakers to make budgeting decisions based on current economic conditions.

Please contact lawmakers and encourage them to support HB17-1187.

Contact Lawmakers

Jerry Sonnenberg: 303-866-6360
Ray Scott: 303-866-3077
Vicki Marble: 303-866-4876