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For weeks, thousands of Coloradans have been trying to get the attention of Sen. Cory Gardner, imploring him to fight back against President Donald Trump’s destructive plans for health care, the environment, immigration reform, and so many other important issues.

Not only has Sen. Gardner ignored the people of Colorado who elected him, he has repeatedly insulted you by calling you “paid protesters.”

On Friday evening, one of the most unusual–and amazing–political events I’ve ever witnessed took place at Byers Middle School in Denver. A crowd so massive that even an “overflow room” was overflowing turned out to voice their concerns to Sen. Gardner–at least 1,500 and probably many more. Since Gardner chose not to show up, citizens gave their feedback to a cardboard cutout of Gardner–but more importantly to the news cameras and reporters gathered to watch.

If you missed this event Friday, watch the recorded livestream here.

Cory Gardner spent all of last week’s recess on the run from his constituents. As the resistance to the Trump agenda continues to build in Colorado and throughout America, there is real doubt growing as to whether Republicans in Washington, D.C. will succeed in their drive to repeal health care reform. That means the resistance is working. What you are doing every week to fight back against Donald Trump and Cory Gardner could make the literal difference between life and death for your neighbor. Or your family member. Or maybe even yourself.

Here is what you can do to fight back for the week of February 27th:

Trump Tuesday: You Work for Us, Not Trump!

We’re certain our Senator will be flying back to DC on Tuesday. Too bad he was not able to schedule a single public Town Hall, but that doesn’t mean we won’t continue to Resist the Trump Agenda. Trump will be giving his first State of the Union address Tuesday evening. So let’s set the agenda moving forward.

Where: Skyline Park, 1601 Arapahoe St, Denver
When: Tuesday, February 28, 12:00pm

Click here to RSVP.

25 Years of TABOR: Make your voice heard

This event, free and open to the public, is being put on by the Denver Post, the Denver Press Club and the Colorado Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America and will be held at 6:30 p.m., Tuesday, Feb. 28 at the Denver Press Club, 1330 Glenarm Pl. CFI will participate in the panel, and we encourage civically engaged Coloradans, and those who want to learn more about the conflict over Colorado’s Taxpayer Bill of Rights, to come.

Where: Denver Press Club, 1330 Glenarm Pl Denver CO 80204
When: Tuesday, February 28, 6:30pm – 7:30pm

Refugees: In Their Own Words

This program will serve as a space for refugees to tell their stories, before and after resettlement, in their own words. We are grateful to our panel of refugees for agreeing to courageously share their stories. Today, there are over 21 million refugees worldwide – the highest number of displaced persons in history. While refugees hold many different identities, they share one thing in common – they have all escaped persecution and violence. This event will feature personal testimonies of immense hardship, loss, and perseverance, but will also highlight the humanity and dedication of refugees to contribute to the communities in which they live.

Where: Denver Public Library, 10 W. Fourteenth Ave., Denver
When: Tuesday, February 28, 5:30pm – 7:30pm

Click here to RSVP.

We Are One Colorado Tour: Sterling

One Colorado is bringing our “We Are One Colorado” tour to 13 cities across the state to talk about how to build on — and protect — our victories and continue to advance equality for all lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer Coloradans and their families. One Colorado will also present the findings of their statewide LGBTQ needs assessment that was conducted in 2016.

Where: Family Resource Center, 120 Main St, Sterling, CO 80751
When: Tuesday, Feb. 28 at 6 – 7:30 pm.

Click here to RSVP.

On Wednesday, March 1, the We Are One Colorado Tour will appear in Arvada. Click here for more information.

Women & Family Wednesday Lobby Day

Colorado 9to5 will be hosting this week’s Women & Family Wednesday lobby day at the capitol. We will be talking to our legislators about the importance of the Family and Medical Leave Insurance (FAMLI) bill that will be introduced soon.

When: Wednesday, March 1, 8:30am – 12:00pm
Where Colorado State Capitol, 200 E. Colfax, Denver

Click here to RSVP.

Durango Activist Community Building Potluck

Come meet new friends, catch up with old friends, and build face to face relationships of affinity and solidarity. Feel free to bring friends! Potluck style, so bring something to share if you are able, but if not, no worries, there will be plenty to go around! (Please let us know about any allergies or dietary restrictions and we will make sure there’s something delicious available that you can eat!)

When: Wednesday, March 1, 6:30 – 9:30pm.
Where: Willow House, Durango

Click here to RSVP and get directions.

Colorado Common Cause – Reforming the Electoral College

The National Popular Vote (NPV) Interstate Compact is a voluntary agreement between states to award their electoral votes to the presidential candidate who wins the most votes nationally. If enacted, the agreement will ensure that the candidate who receives the most votes wins the U.S. presidency. It will also encourage presidential candidates to spend time engaging with voters throughout the county—instead of only those who live in a handful of swing states. Learn more about Colorado’s past and future role in reforming the Electoral College at our next informational happy hour.

Where: Irish Snug, 1201 E Colfax Ave, Denver
When: Thursday, March 2, 5:00 – 7:00pm.

Click here to RSVP.

We Proclaim Yes! Acting to Keep Our Communities Whole

We’ll gather in prayer & testimonials before marching with Banners to the Emerson, Louisiana & Downing Overpass on I-25. It’s time to say YES! President Trump and Congress. Say yes to Ingrid! Yes to Jeanette! Say yes to mothers & fathers! Say yes to daughters and sons! Say yes to grandmothers and grandfathers! Say yes to our communities! We will not let you separate families.

Where: Washington Park, Denver, 1000 S Downing St, Denver
When: Saturday, March 4, 1:00 – 3:00pm.

Click here to RSVP.

March Forth! Share Your Song-Raise Your Voice-Join the Movement

Over the last few months, the streets have been alive with energy and movement. In the face of policies and language threatening to divide us, thousands of people have decided to stand up, to speak out, and to join together. One way or another, we have begun to raise our voices in a spirit of unity. Yet even when our cause is common, our stories and struggles are not the same. On March 4th, let’s listen to each other. Let’s learn each other’s songs. Let’s sing them in the streets. Let’s…MARCH FORTH!

Where: Youth on Record, 1301 W 10th Ave, Denver
When: When: Saturday, March 4, 2:30 – 5:30pm.

Click here to RSVP.

Week after week, you are proving that the resistance to Trump is not going away. It is not the work of “paid protesters.” It is not a temporary fad to be forgotten after a few weeks of catharsis. We are committed to opposing Trump’s backward agenda for as long as it takes, and responding to his daily insults against nearly every segment of the American public he was elected to serve. Every time we do, we prove again that America is better than Donald Trump.