Today, Donald Trump was sworn in as President of the United States.

Now it’s up to us to fight back against President Trump, his extreme allies in Congress, and his agenda to dismantle the institutions that make America great. The battle starts now: to protect Colorado’s historic gains in health coverage, to protect women’s abortion rights, our neighbors of every race and gender from discriminations, our public education system, our clean air and water–the list goes on and on. Our work is cut out for us.

The first step is tomorrow’s Women’s March in downtown Denver. We’ll be joining the march at 8:30AM on the north side of Civic Center Park–you won’t be able to miss the crowd. Here are details from the event organizers if you haven’t already got them.

Next, get ready for major battles in the Colorado legislature and in Congress during Trump’s first hundred days. Join our rapid-response network to take timely action on legislation, and know about upcoming public events as soon as they’re announced.

And of course, we need your support right now. ProgressNow Colorado is the first line of defense for progressives in our state against what’s coming from Washington D.C. and the far right here at our own state capitol. At this critical moment in our history, there is no better investment in the fight for progressive solutions in your own community. Please donate today.

America is great. America was great before Donald Trump, and America will be great when he is gone. The fights ahead to uphold our shared values of fairness, dignity, and equal opportunity for all Americans will not be easy–but in taking them on, we demonstrate the enduring values that make America great. In the worst of times, that becomes more important than ever.

Take heart, resist, and never forget that we are on the right side of history.