On Wednesday, the 2017 session of the Colorado legislature kicks off.

With politics in Washington D.C. going crazy, it’s time to look locally for solutions. In Colorado, control of the state legislature is split this year between progressives who control the House by a wide margin and right-wing conservatives in narrow control of the Colorado Senate. Important issues need to be worked out this year, like funding education and transportation without abandoning the progress we’ve made expanding access to health coverage.

With all of that in mind, right-wing Senate Republicans say they want to hear from you! They’ve set up a website to collect your comments about the upcoming legislative session.

Take a moment right now to tell the Colorado Senate Republicans what you expect from them in 2017. That’s right, we want you to visit the Colorado Senate Republican website and make your voice heard–just like they say they want.

Here are a few suggested points. Please don’t feel limited by these:

Don’t help Donald Trump take away health coverage from thousands of Coloradans.
Don’t help Donald Trump demonize immigrants and people of color.
Don’t try to take away abortion rights (again).
Don’t hold public schools hostage to further a political agenda.
Don’t make it easier to send unvaccinated kids to Colorado schools.
Do something about TABOR’s fiscal chokehold on the state.
Do something about neighborhoods and schools threatened by oil and gas drilling.

Senate Republicans say they want to hear from you? Let’s give them what they want. And when it comes time to hold them accountable this legislative session, they can’t say they weren’t told. This year, we’re going to be watching the Colorado legislature more closely than ever, and we’ll be in touch regularly with ways to take action on important bills.

Above all: stay engaged, and don’t let the ugly headlines from Washington get you down. Year after year, so many of the laws most important to our daily lives are passed right here in Denver, not in Washington. There will be national fights to take on, but we make the most difference fighting locally. It was true before Donald Trump, and it will be true after he is long gone.

Thanks for doing your part, and never giving up.