Every election features its share of lies. But this year, in our local state senate race here in Arvada and Westminster where my family and I live, the lying has gotten totally out of hand.

You may have received this flyer in the mail recently or seen a similar claim against Rachel Zenzinger on television. It is a complete fabrication. Rachel Zenzinger never voted to use taxpayer funds on a trip to China. In fact, Rachel has never been to China. Never.

Yesterday, a criminal complaint was filed with Jefferson County DA Pete Weir asking for an investigation into these repeated false attacks against Zenzinger, paid for by a right-wing attack group allied with Sen. Laura Woods called Colorado Citizens for an Accountable Government. This group has been telling this lie about Zenzinger to help Woods for over two years. In July, Denver7 News’ PolitiFact Colorado gave this lie a “Pants on Fire rating,” their worst possible, because “the statement is not accurate and makes a ridiculous claim.”

In response, Woods’ attack dog friends didn’t take the ad down. They made another ad.

Under Colorado law, it’s a crime to knowingly make false statements in order to influence elections. Because these right-wing attack groups have refused to stop telling this lie after repeated fact-checks have denounced it–even citing those fact-checks deceptively in subsequent attack ads–it’s obvious that they are knowingly lying.

It’s up to you and me, the voters of Senate District 19, to say enough is enough. Please take a moment to do a few things right now:

  • Read the latest news coverage of the criminal complaint (click here), and share this critical story with everyone you know in Arvada and Westminster.
  • Call Jefferson County DA Pete Weir right now at 303-271-6800, and respectfully ask him to investigate these knowingly false attacks on Rachel Zenzinger.

Thanks for taking quick action. These unethical attack groups are counting on more people seeing their lies than will see the fact-checkers debunking those lies. It’s time for us to band together as neighbors, fight back, and demand the lies stop.

I know we’re better than this in my neighborhood. Let’s show them again.


Alan Franklin