Tuesday, August 9, 2016
CONTACT: Ian Silverii, Executive Director at [email protected]

DENVER: After remarks today by GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump that appeared to sanction violence against his Democratic opponent and possible Supreme Court nominees, ProgressNow Colorado, the state’s largest online progressive advocacy organization, asked Colorado Republican elected officials what Trump would need to say or do in order to lose the votes of Colorado Republicans, such as Rep. Mike Coffman (R-Aurora) and state Sen. Laura Woods (R-Arvada).

“With each new outrage from Donald Trump, we assume that it can’t get any worse–and then it does,” said ProgressNow Colorado Executive Director Ian Silverii. “What will it take for Colorado Republicans to finally declare that they will not vote for Trump? From kicking babies out of public events to banning an entire religion from entering the nation, and now suggesting violence against his political opponent and potential Supreme Court nominees, we’ve never seen anything like Trump in American politics.”

“How bad does it have to get before Mike Coffman, Laura Woods, and the rest of Colorado’s Republicans tell their constituents they won’t vote for Trump?” asked Silverii.

ProgressNow Colorado compiled this list of incidents that should by any reasonable measure disqualify one from serving as President of the United States. Most of them have already occurred:

1. Ban certain reporters from having access to candidate and events;
2. Kick crying baby out of public event;
3. Publicly insult journalist with disabilities;
4. Suggest, repeatedly, that 2016 election will be “rigged”;
5. Form pre-election alliance with Russian President;
6. Encourage a foreign power to commit espionage against the United States;
7. Start public fight with Gold Star Family, keep it going for days;
8. Suggest that the National Enquirer should win a Pulitzer Prize;
9. Repeatedly make overtly-sexist comments about women;
10. Refuse to endorse Republican House Speaker;
11. Make fun of Sen. John McCain for being captured in Vietnam War;
12. Select wedge-issue warrior and RFRA-signer Mike Pence as running mate;
13. Repeatedly discuss the size of his “hands”;
14. Admit confusion about downside of nuclear weapons;
15. Help Russia cement annexation of Crimea;
16. Propose immigration ban targeted to specific religions;
17. Attack District Court Judge because of Latino surname;
18. Publicly insult fire marshall concerned about safety of venue;
19. Suggest assassination of Hillary Clinton and/or Supreme Court nominees;
20. Kick puppy on live television

“We hope this is as bad as it gets,” said Silverii, “because we don’t want to imagine what could be worse. Trump is far and away the worst presidential nominee of a major party anyone has seen in our lifetimes. Every day that goes by with Colorado Republicans refusing to make a clean break with Trump is harming the entire party–and harming America. We are a better nation than this, and it’s time for all Americans to come together and say so.”