Help Us Uncover The Truth

This week, ProgressNow Colorado helped uncover what may become one of the biggest scandals of 2016 in Colorado politics.

In a shocking report on Denver7 News,[1] a Republican voter identified from a ProgressNow Colorado investigation of petition signatures turned in by U.S. Senate candidate Jon Keyser accused Keyser’s campaign of forging her signature. Keyser’s petitions were initially ruled insufficient by the Secretary of State, but after legal action his name was restored to the June primary ballot.

This story is not over. ProgressNow Colorado is working overtime right now and through the weekend to uncover the full extent of Keyser’s apparent petition fraud. But we need your help today–throw in $25 right now to keep us fighting for the truth.

Right-wing politics in America and in Colorado have become a circus in recent weeks, but we have to stay vigilant–and see through the noise to protect our election system from outright fraud. Jon Keyser has a long history of dishonesty when it comes to Colorado elections.[2] Our state’s petition process to get on the ballot is meant to ensure that candidates have to show authentic support from actual Colorado voters in order to qualify.