Iowa Caucus Results Mirror Colorado’s Fractured Conservative Movement

Tuesday, February 2, 2016
CONTACT: Alan Franklin, Political Director at

DENVER: After results in the Iowa presidential caucuses showed an overwhelming victory for “outsider” conservative candidates over the preference of Republican Party insiders, including Colorado Republicans who took sides in that party’s presidential primary, ProgressNow Colorado offered the following statement:

“Yesterday’s caucus results in Iowa prove again how the Republican Party is at war with itself, with a discredited party establishment overrun by their most radical and dangerous elements,” said ProgressNow Colorado political director Alan Franklin. “The combined caucus turnout for Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, and Ben Carson constitutes an overwhelming majority against the party establishment. What we saw in Iowa last night is the same conflict playing out in Colorado’s Republican Senate primary–and in some cases involved some of the same Colorado Republicans.”

In the days before the Iowa caucuses, insider Republicans from Colorado led by Sen. Cory Gardner traveled there to assist Sen. Marco Rubio’s campaign. Despite their help, Rubio placed third in the Iowa caucus, losing to both Sen. Ted Cruz and businessman Donald Trump. A news report from the Denver Post’s John Frank in January highlighted the striking similarities in message between Republican presidential candidates and GOP U.S. Senate primary candidates in Colorado. [1]

“The same Cruz-Trump coalition in Iowa last night is at work in the Colorado Republican Senate race,” said Franklin. “The Denver Post’s linkage of state Sen. Tim Neville’s grassroots energy and outsider message to Ted Cruz’s was prescient as last night’s results demonstrate. Just as Republicans have failed to control the monster they created in Cruz and Trump, in Colorado they are powerless to stop Tim Neville.”