Last night, I attended the rally to kick off the petition campaign to recall the far-right majority on the Jefferson County Board of Education. Despite bad weather and even worse traffic, thousands of concerned parents, students and teachers joined my family to fight back against the assault on public education in our backyard.

I’m in this fight because I care about my son’s education in Jefferson County public schools. I’m tired of watching our neighborhood schools suffer so this board can divert funds to ideological education experiments. I’m tired of the embarrassment this school board has brought on our community, making national headlines over their proposal to “review” history curriculum to ensure it is politically acceptable to the far right. And I’m heartsick watching great teachers, including some of my own son’s favorites, leave Jefferson County schools entirely because of the actions of this school board majority.

So I’m taking the next step. Last night, I signed up to be a volunteer petition circulator for the Jeffco United for Action campaign. I’ll be volunteering over the next few weeks to obtain signatures from Jeffco voters to put the recall of the board majority on this November’s ballot.

Now I need your help. Join me today in volunteering for the Jeffco United for Action campaign. There is a tremendous amount of work to be done — and fast — for this recall campaign to be successful. Visit Jeffco United for Action’s website, where you can sign up for updates on the campaign’s progress and volunteer to help in a variety of important ways.

I’ve been part of a number of campaigns over the years, but this one is personal. This is about my kid and his education. When I realize that there are 86,000 other Jeffco kids just like mine, I feel a powerful sense of urgency to win this recall campaign for all of them. They can’t wait another two years. The damage done by this school board has to be reversed, and Jeffco schools must return its focus to ensuring that every child gets the education they need to succeed.

Let’s work together to get this done. Thanks.

Alan Franklin
Political Director, ProgressNow Colorado, and a proud “Jeffco Rebel” parent