Our action alert sent to ProgressNow Colorado members in Mike Coffman’s district this morning.

Last month, Mike Coffman decided not to run for the U.S. Senate and instead will try to hold on to his seat in Congress representing Aurora. The reason is simple: Coffman is out of touch with the people of Colorado, and he’d lose the race.

In 2016, the voters of the Sixth District–that’s you–will have the chance to stop Mike Coffman once and for all. Click here to tell us you’re ready for change.

Mike Coffman is afraid of you. He has tried to reinvent his political image in recent years, but he’s the same politician who in 2012 told fellow Republicans at a fundraiser that President Barack Obama ‘is just not an American.’ He’s the same politician who claimed the DREAM Act ‘would be a nightmare.’ And he’s the same politician who called Social Security a ‘Ponzi scheme.’ Coffman is hiding from his record and hoping you won’t ever hear the truth.

Pledge to help us stop Mike Coffman in 2016. We’ll be in touch over the coming weeks with lots of ways you can help.

As a resident of Colorado’s Sixth Congressional District, you will have the privilege of helping decide one of the most important and competitive congressional races in the entire nation. Mike Coffman is running scared from his long extremist record and is trying to change his public image into a “moderate” who supports the middle class, women, and the diverse population of his district. The only thing stopping him is you. Because you know better, and know the truth about Coffman’s record, you have the power to stop him in 2016.

Take the first step right now: pledge to fight back against Mike Coffman in 2016.

In the last month, the “Coffman brand” has taken a yet another serious hit as a scandal involving Attorney General Cynthia Coffman, Mike Coffman’s spouse, has rocked the Colorado Republican Party. Just before that scandal, Mike Coffman faced criticism over his irresponsible comparison of the Department of Veterans Affairs to the terrorist group ISIS. For years, Coffman has skated by on an agenda of confusing voters about his real agenda and making worthless promises that neither he nor his fellow Republicans in Congress intended to keep.

If there’s any justice at all, 2016 will be the year Mike Coffman’s luck finally runs out. Thanks for doing your part to demand better from our elected officials.