Sign here to hold developers accountable for shoddy construction.

Senate Bill 15-177 would force homeowners and homeowners associations into arbitration over construction defects to multifamily construction. We’ve all heard horror stories about new condo projects in Colorado, like the Beauvallon in Denver, where avoidable defects in construction hurt homeowner property values, caused public safety issues, and turned the condos into money pits. In the case of the Beauvallon, the only way homeowners were able to get help was to have access to the courts to fight the developers of this shoddy construction.

If Senate Bill 177 had been the law when the Beauvallon started leaking, those homeowners wouldn’t have had the power to get justice. The fact is, for most middle class Colorado families, buying a home is the biggest investment they will ever make. Why would anyone want to give up their rights to hold developers accountable for negligence in the construction of their home?

Take a second right now to sign our petition urging a NO vote on Senate Bill 177, and tell our lawmakers to protect the rights of homeowners over developers.

There is a lot of misinformation floating around about this legislation, but the bottom line is this: we shouldn’t take away the rights of homeowners to protect their property. Recent studies indicate the lack of condo construction in Colorado is due to the recession, not the law in Colorado. Developers don’t need to be protected from accountability for shoddy work, they need to stand behind their work. And when Colorado families buy their first home, they deserve peace of mind, not arbitrary limits on their rights.

Thanks for making your voice heard. We’ll be in touch soon with next steps.