Tuesday, March 10, 2015
CONTACT: Amy Runyon-Harms, Executive Director at [email protected]

DENVER: Following passage in the Colorado House of House Bill 15-1133, legislation to continue the work of the Colorado Pay Equity Commission, ProgressNow Colorado, the state’s largest online progressive advocacy organization, released the following statement:

“Working women in Colorado are grateful that progressives in the Colorado House have voted to save the Pay Equity Commission,” said ProgressNow Colorado executive director Amy Runyon-Harms. “We know that unequal pay remains a barrier for working Colorado women–in fact, the gap between what women and men earn in our state is bigger than the national average and growing.”

“Republicans in the Colorado Senate voted to kill the Pay Equity Commission, ignoring witness testimony, a wealth of evidence, and even the state’s own nonpartisan staff,” said Runyon-Harms. “Burying our heads in the sand in the face of this problem is not a solution. We call on the Colorado Senate to give this legislation a fair hearing, and to vote for giving Colorado women a fair shot.”