Last week, conservatives in the Colorado Senate voted to kill the state’s commission studying the problem of unequal pay for men and women in the workforce. As I told the news media, the right wing ignored the testimony of witnesses, ample evidence that pay inequity remains a major problem–and even the state’s own experts, who had recommended the pay equity commission’s work continue.

Last weekend, a new report in the Denver Post showed that the problem of pay inequity has gotten worse in Colorado, not better–and the problem is now worse here than the national average. This latest report is more proof that killing the pay equity commission was a huge step backward for Colorado women.

Later today, a new bill will be discussed in a committee hearing to undo the right wing’s killing of the pay equity commission. We need your help to call your member of the House Business Affairs and Labor Committee right now–and tell them you support the pay equity commission’s important work.

Protecting Colorado’s middle class should be a bipartisan priority. Women should earn equal pay so they can provide for their families, send their kids to college and save for the future like everyone else. This is about a stronger Colorado economy for everyone, and more economic security for hard working families across our state.

Thanks for doing your part! Working together, let’s right last week’s wrong, and do the right thing for working women in Colorado.