On the campaign trail this year, Cory Gardner made a lot of promises. One of them was to support sane policies to reform our nation’s broken immigration system.

Gardner hasn’t even been sworn in yet, and he is already backpedaling. Yesterday, Gardner voted to deport millions of immigrants, including parents of American citizens–exactly what progressives were afraid he would do if elected.

Tell Cory Gardner that you’re outraged at his failure to stand by immigrants as he promised mere weeks ago. We’ll make sure he gets the message.

In response to yesterday’s vote, Salon.com wrote: “Endorsing Rep. Cory Gardner’s campaign against Democratic Sen. Mark Udall of Colorado this fall, the editorial board of the Denver Post assured readers that Gardner was not the extremist Udall and Democrats depicted…Gardner, the Post argued, had “expressed willingness to compromise” on the issue…

It turns out that maybe Gardner didn’t really mean all that stuff about being warm and fuzzy and moderate.” [1]

Tell Cory Gardner that you are watching and that he failed Colorado yesterday. We’ll share your comments with Gardner’s office, the press, and other elected officials.

I won’t lie to you: the election of Cory Gardner this year was a tough loss that progressives must now live with. But we won’t sit quietly while Gardner casually disregards the promises he made to Colorado on the campaign trail. Colorado still deserves better–and we will continue to demand better from Gardner as Colorado’s next U.S. Senator.

Thank you for doing your part, before and after the election.


Amy Runyon-Harms

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