Last year we ran our Got Insurance? campaign to raise awareness about the new health insurance marketplaces, a big part of Obamacare. Individuals could shop for health insurance and compare plans to find the best one for them. The campaign was a huge success. So were the marketplaces.

Over 400,000 Coloradans and 10 million Americans got insurance thanks to Obamacare last year.

The open enrollment period for those health insurance marketplaces–Connect for Health Colorado is the one here in Colorado–has opened up again this year. Enrollment runs through February 15th, 2015. And we’re back with a new campaign–Got Insurance!–to highlight just a few of the many great stories of people whose lives are better off now that they’ve got insurance.

The campaign features Colorado Congresswoman Diana DeGette and someone else you might recognize, Uncle Sam. They both raise a toast to people like Alex, from Denver, who now has his $1,800 a month prescription covered thanks to Obamacare. Or Vicki, a two-time cancer survivor from Englewood, who now doesn’t have to worry about affording the care she needs.

Do you have insurance? Does your son, your daughter, your neighbor, your best friend? If not, share these stories with them and let them know, they have until February 15th, 2015 to go to Connect for Health Colorado and get signed up.

The more people who Got Insurance! the better off we all are.

Thanks so much,

Jen Caltrider