What happened here in Colorado last night is nothing short of astonishing. It may not exactly feel like it, but we won.

A giant red wave swept across the country last night, and progressives in Colorado–you–stood strong against it.

Because of your hard work and your belief in making our state better, we bucked the trend here in Colorado.

We re-elected Governor Hickenlooper.

Despite the odds, there’s still a chance we retain our progressive majorities in the state legislature.

And we defeated the personhood amendment for a third time.

You should be proud.

Colorado is on the right track. You knew it. I knew it. And Colorado voters knew it. We are so close to having the pieces in place to continue to move our state forward while gridlock will likely persist in Washington.

There’s no doubt about it: last night caused a lot of nail biting. But today progressives can be very proud of what we accomplished together here in Colorado.

So thank you for all that you did to make it happen. And thank you for your support of ProgressNow Colorado.

Campaigns come and go. ProgressNow Colorado is honored to continue to fight for the progressive values we all believe in. We couldn’t do this work without you.


Amy Runyon-Harms

P.S. We know you’ve given so much this year, but now, your support means more than ever before. Chip in $25 today to make sure ProgressNow Colorado is ready for 2015.