Yesterday, a group of Latino leaders and elected officials spoke out at the Colorado headquarters of Univision about the skeletons in Rep. Mike Coffman’s closet–his failures on immigration reform, minimum wage, and making college affordable for everyone. You can watch the video here.

We need your help right now. We’re in the final days of the campaign to make sure every voter in Coffman’s district understands what’s at stake in this election. Throw in $50 now–when it matters most.

“We know how to solve problems in the state legislature and we’ve delivered on many of the issues most important to our constituents,” said Colorado Senate President Morgan Carroll, “like college affordability, immigration, and minimum wage. But where we’ve moved Colorado forward, Mike Coffman has been blocking those advances in Washington and hiding his real beliefs in the closet.”

“I’m here today because Congressman Mike Coffman does not believe that students like me should go to college,” said University of Colorado student Angelina Sandoval. “While in Congress, he supported a budget that would have cut the Pell Grants program by 200 billion dollars. That means more than one million students would have lost Pell grants entirely over a period of 10 years.”

Mike Coffman hasn’t changed. He’s the same career politician who has voted against the interests of Aurora and the Sixth District for years. Coffman has spent this entire election trying to hide from his record and trick voters into thinking he’s not the hard core conservative his record proves him to be. Next Tuesday, if we all do our jobs and the voters turn out, Coffman is going to discover that he can’t hide from who he really is.

Help us right now–the most important moment. Chip in $50 to hold Mike Coffman accountable. Don’t wake up on November 5th wishing you had done more.

Thank you,

Amy Runyon-Harms

P.S. We’re just days away from Election Day, and there are thousands of people who still need to return their ballots. Your support helps us reach those people today. Give $50 now before it’s too late.