Now is when we win this thing

Yesterday, ProgressNow Colorado was in the air and on the ground getting the message out that Cory Gardner can’t be trusted. We reached thousands of people in Denver, and thousands more arriving for last night’s Broncos vs. Chargers game–and it was great to see so many people agree with what we had to say.

But we need your help now to keep it up. Pitch in $25 right now.

From now until Election Day, the only thing that matters is turning out every progressive vote in Colorado. The polls showing the same “dead heat” we’ve seen for months don’t matter. The ads we’re all sick of watching don’t matter. The only thing that matters is getting out the vote.

ProgressNow Colorado is in the middle of the most ambitious virtual get-out-the-vote drive in our organization’s ten year history. Tens of thousands of Colorado progressives, especially those of us who vote in big presidential years but don’t always turn out in midterms, are the focus of our campaign. Working in concert with traditional grassroots GOTV organizations, our highly targeted email and social media campaign is a key link in closing the gap and winning across the state a week from Tuesday.

We can’t do it without you. There is no better investment in victory for our shared progressive values this November than your donation to ProgressNow Colorado. Click here and throw in $25 to the home stretch effort today.

Don’t believe the hype: we can win this thing. While the pollsters call the same people they’ve always called–and get the same results–women and independent voters have seen the truth about Cory Gardner’s agenda. From women’s reproductive rights to immigration and renewable energy, Gardner has proven himself as willing to say anything to anyone to get elected. Experts and fact-checkers have called Gardner out repeatedly, and he just keeps smiling like a used car salesman. The truth of Gardner’s record has conflicted with what he says in this election year so many times it’s almost impossible to count them all.

It’s very simple: if Gardner wins, it’s a win for lies over the truth. It’s a precedent I never want to see rewarded.

This is where we prove Gardner, the pundits, and the pollsters wrong. Click here to chip in $25, $100, or whatever you can right now to help us get out the votes that progressives need to win a week from Tuesday. With your help, we will show that yet again, the last ten years of Colorado history were not a fluke.

Colorado is a proud progressive state, and on Election Day, we’ll prove it again. Thank you for doing your part.


Amy Runyon-Harms

P.S. I can’t tell you how important it is that we reach every progressive voter over the next week and a half. Please chip in $25 right now to help us reach every last one of them.