This two minutes of video will leave you speechless. Reporter Eli Stokols of Denver’s FOX 31 asked Cory Gardner to explain why he continues to sponsor a federal version of a “Personhood” abortion ban measure, after publicly abandoning Colorado’s abortion ban similar to those he proudly supported for many years.

Gardner’s response, in total denial of reality: “there is no federal Personhood bill.”

Reporter Eli Stokols didn’t accept Gardner’s answer at face value. He explained to Gardner that the federal bill’s sponsors, health experts, and even all agree that Gardner’s federal Life at Conception Act has the same language and would have the same far-reaching effects as the Personhood abortion bans that Coloradans have rejected by over 70% of the vote two times before.

Gardner’s answer? Over and over: “there is no federal Personhood bill.”

Cory Gardner has been misleading the voters of Colorado from Day One. Gardner’s refusal to defend his conflicting statements and actions under questioning proves that he can’t be trusted–no matter which side of this issue you’re on. It’s obvious now that Gardner flip-flopped on the Personhood ballot measures as a matter of political convenience, and that Gardner has no intention of telling voters the truth about the equivalent federal abortion ban he still wants to be the law of the land–or anything else.

We’re in a race against time to hold Gardner accountable. This two minutes of damning video could change everything in America’s closest U.S. Senate race. Please take a moment to watch, and then share the clip with everyone you know in Colorado.