Lying is always wrong

You’ve probably seen this ad on TV by now. But did you know it’s been proven completely false?

This week, 9NEWS in Denver conducted a “Truth Test” on Colorado U.S. Senate candidate Cory Gardner’s new renewable energy ad, in which Gardner claims he “co-wrote the law to launch our state’s green energy industry.” In truth, 9NEWS reports that the legislation Gardner sponsored in 2007 never funded a single renewable energy project–and was repealed after three years having never hired an employee or even developed goals.

But that’s not the worst part. Even more unbelievable is the response from Gardner’s campaign. They know the ad isn’t true. And they don’t care.

“Cory says that he co-wrote a law ‘to launch our state’s green energy industry,’ not that launched it.”

I’m not making this up. Watch 9NEWS’ Truth Test for yourself.

For months, I’ve been telling you about Con Man Cory Gardner’s falsehoods and flip-flops since entering the U.S. Senate race. In this case, Gardner’s denials have veered into the absurd. It’s obvious that Gardner wants voters to think he “co-wrote the law to launch our state’s green energy industry.” And it’s clear from Gardner’s response to 9NEWS that his campaign knows the impression they are leaving with voters is false.

Enough is enough: tell Con Man Cory that the lies must stop now.

It’s often said in politics that both sides stretch the truth, and I certainly agree. But I have never seen a politician in either party willing to mislead the voters quite like Cory Gardner. From banning abortion to immigration reform, his support for the disastrous shutdown of the federal government last year, and now brazenly lying about his record on renewable energy–it’s painfully clear at this point that Cory Gardner cannot be trusted.

Help us now. Tell Gardner you’re not buying the lies. And then forward this message to everyone you know in Colorado. Election Day is just weeks away, and it’s critical that every Coloradan understands the stakes: Cory Gardner would be an unprecedented disaster in the United States Senate.

Thanks for standing up for integrity from our public officials. We deserve nothing less.


Amy Runyon-Harms